Registrar update

Registrar’s Office – Room A115

Phone: (860) 215-9064
Fax: (860) 215-9919

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesdays: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Registration Dates and Information

Forms and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Transcript Request – Current and Former Students

Steps to Register

Register Online – current students only

Fax and Drop-Off Registration (after hours) – Registration Form

  • Continuing and Distance Learning Students can also drop off, mail-in or FAX registration forms.
  • Include a transcript showing prerequisites unless they are recorded at TRCC
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for processing time
  • A copy of your registration and payment receipt will be mailed to you
  • It is your responsibility to confirm your registration at

Submarine Base Registration – Groton CT  courses scheduled at SUBASE

  • In addition to the TRCC campus in Norwich, there are some class offerings at our Submarine Base located in Groton, CT
  • Since that is a Military Installation, civilians may obtain access to attend these classes as long as they are U. S. citizens
  • Civilian students must register one week in advance of start date in order to secure the access paperwork needed. 
  • See date and location (course section will indicate B1) on course schedules

Continuing Degree Seeking Student Registration

  • Advising holds are placed on Degree seeking students in their first semester after admission or readmission
  • The advising hold will be removed after you have met with your advisor (see your advisor early to avoid registration delays)
  • Log into your myCommNet student account using Banner Self-Service link for your assigned advisor contact information

New/Transfer/Readmit/Non-Degree Student Registration

  • Students must complete the admissions application process before registering
  • See Admissions application information How to Apply/Enroll?

Transfer and Re-admitted Students:

  • Re-admit and transfer students will meet with an advisor before registration
  • Bring unofficial transcripts or grade reports of previous work to this meeting
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted for review and advising purposes only
  • Official transcripts are not required for advising but should be sent directly to the Registrar’s office as soon as possible to be evaluated for transfer
  • This will allow you to register online as prerequisite courses will be recorded at TRCC

Continuing Students: 

Students currently attending TRCC or have attended within the last 2 years..

1. Find your assigned advisor

  • Go to and login using your NetID
  • Click on the Student Tab, then click in the “Student Self Service” box
  • Click on “Student Records” then click “View Student Information”
  • Select your school term, click “Submit”
  • Scroll down to “Primary Advisor” to see your advisor’s name, location,  email address and phone number click Advisor Information

2. Meet with your assigned advisor

  • Continuing students should meet with their assigned advisor, discuss their academic goals and plans for the upcoming semester
  • Students will find out what courses are required for their degree and start their Plan of Study form

3. Recommend courses

  • Your Advisor will recommend courses for you to take in the next semester.
  • Remember… each course requires approximately 6-9 hours of work weekly in addition to classroom time.

4.  Make note of the courses your advisor recommends plus alternate courses.

5. Review the Course Search Schedule at

  • Select a Term(drop down arrow)
  • Select a College(drop down arrow)
  • Select and click circle for Open or Closed or Both
  • Select and click circle for Course Level for Credit or Non-Credit or Both
  • Select  Instruction Type (usually all or it will narrow the search and show limited or no classes for your search)
  • Select (if you choose) by Start Time, by End Time and by Days (also limits search)
  • Select a Subject
    • you may select All to view all courses offered for the semester
    • you may choose to Select a Subject to view courses offered in that subject only
  • Select sections that fit your schedule

6. Register Online

We hope you find online registration to be easy, convenient, and a less time consuming way to register.

  • Go to and login using your NetID and password
  • Click on Banner Self Service link(upper right)
  • Click on “Registration and Payment”
  • Click on “Select Term” and “Submit”
  • Click on “Register (add/drop) Classes”
  • Enter all CRNs you want to register for in the “Add Classes Worksheet”
  • Click on “Submit Changes”
  • Click on Initiate Payment or exit if choosing other payment options

7. Review your Schedule

  • Be sure you have selected the CRN for the course day and time you want to register in
  • Click submit button

8.  How to pay

  • If online, in person, or mail to the Cashiers’ office
  • Fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable

Still have registration questions???

  • If you encounter registration problems
  • Contact Registrar’s Office for assistance 860 – 215-9064

Our interest is improving services for current and upcoming semesters

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