Registration Dates and Information

Registrar’s Office – Room A115

Need a Summer Class? There is still time to register….

Registration Dates and Information

Summer 2018 – classes begin May 21, June 6, July 12
Fall 2018
classes begin August 28

Non-degree or visiting student – How to Enroll

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Am I eligible to register online?

How to Register online?


April  2  Continuing Degree-Seeking Student Registration for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

April 16  Non-degree-seeking student registration for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

April 16  New, readmit or transfer student registration for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

  • New, readmit, transfer and non-degree seeking students are generally not eligible to  register online for the first time
  • Your course of interest may require a prerequisite
  • Complete a registration form and include an unofficial copy of your transcript from the original college where credit was earned
  • An advisor will review your documents to verify if the prerequisite is met
  • Incomplete documents may incur delay of processing and student will be notified by phone
  • Registrations will be processed after advisor approval and confirmation sent by mail

May 28   Memorial Day observed – college closed

June 15   Last day to apply for Fall graduation (December 2018) Academic Calendar


Summer 2018 – 6, 7 or 8 weeks
(choose the module that fits your schedule)

(7 week module )

May 18 Registration deadline and last day to drop classes (in person) for full tuition refund

May 20 Registration deadline and last day to drop classes (online) for full tuition refund

May 21  First day of class for Mon/Wed classes

May 22  First day of class for Tue/Thurs classes

(8 week module)

Jun 5  Registration deadline and last day to drop classes for full tuition refund

Jun 6  First day of class for Mon/Wed classes

Jun  7 First day of class for Tue/Thurs classes

(6 week module – Late Start)

Jul 11  Registration deadline and last day to drop classes for full tuition refund

Jul 12 First day of class for Tues/Thurs classes

Jul 16 First day of class for Mon/Wed classes


(Fall 2018 semester dates available soon)

(Note: dates below apply to Fall 2017 semester except for Senior Citizen Registration date)

Fall 2017 (standard 15 week session)

Aug 15 – 28Cross-Registration begins – (must be done in person)

Aug 25     New Student orientation

Aug 28     Registration deadline and last day to drop classes for full tuition refund

Aug 28     Last day to drop classes for full tuition refund

Aug 28     Senior Citizen Registration (62 and older) 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Room B127 (or walk-in to the Welcome Center until 6:30 PM)

Aug 28     Last day to drop classes for full tuition refund

Aug 29     Classes begin – add and drop period begins Academic Calendar


Continuing Degree Seeking Student Registration

  • Advising holds are placed on Degree seeking students in their first semester after admission or readmission
  • The advising hold will be removed after you have met with your advisor (see your advisor early to avoid registration delays)
  • Log into your myCommNet student account using Banner Self-Service link for your assigned advisor contact information

New/Transfer/Readmit/Non-Degree Student Registration

  • Students must complete the admissions application process before registering
  • See Admissions application information How to Apply/Enroll?

Cross Registration – August 15 – 28 (must be done in person)


  • Cross-registration provides an opportunity for students enrolled in a community college,
    state university or the University of Connecticut to benefit by taking a course or courses not available where they are registered but offered at another state institution
  • Student must provide proof of enrollment at their primary college
  • Students who have paid the tuition and fees of a full-time student at their home institutions shall be exempt from further charges.
  • A copy of their receipted tuition and fee bill should be accepted by the host institution
  • Tuition Waiver for full-time students from other public CT Colleges

Fax and Drop-Off (after hours) Registration – Registration Form

  • Continuing and Distance Learning Students can also drop off, mail-in or FAX registration forms.
  • Include a transcript showing prerequisites unless they are recorded at TRCC
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for processing time
  • A copy of your registration and payment receipt will be mailed to you
  • It is your responsibility to confirm your registration at

Senior Citizen Registration – August 27, 2018  – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • Senior citizens register at the conclusion of each registration period (day before classes begin) on a space available basis
  • Tuition, college service fee, student activity fee, and the application fee are waived for CT  citizens 62 years of age and over who wish to register for state-supported courses
  • Students requesting the waiver must present verification of date of birth
  • Special fees, including course lab fees and art studio fees and must be paid by the student
  • Summer and winter intersession courses are not included in the waiver

Submarine Base Registration – Groton CT  courses scheduled at SUBASE

  • In addition to the TRCC campus in Norwich, there are some class offerings at our Submarine Base located in Groton, CT
  • Since that is a Military Installation, civilians may obtain access to attend these classes as long as they are U. S. citizens
  • Civilian students must register one week in advance of start date in order to secure the access paperwork needed. 
  • See date and location (course section will indicate B1) on course schedules

Tuition, Fees and Refundsfor specific dates see academic calendar 

  • Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration – Summer 2017 sessions
  • Fees only are due at the time of registration for Fall 2017
  • Tuition for the Fall 2017 semester is due Monday, July 17, 2017
  • Tuition only is refundable before the semester starts