First Year Experience

New, first-time college students are required to take the First Year Experience (FYE) course (IDS K105) in the first or second semester of their college program or before attaining 30 credits.

The intent of the FYE course is to acquaint students with higher education and to provide specific skills which will maximize students’ opportunity for academic success. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary learning strategies, life management skills, and active participation in the college community.

First Year Experience Waiver

Students may request a waiver from IDS K105 if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Student has completed a credit-bearing associate degree or higher from an accredited institution.
  • Student has completed a minimum of 30 college-level credits at an accredited institution at the time of admission or readmission.

The First Year Experience Student Waiver Form should be completed by the student and his/her academic advisor. If the student is changing majors, the Program Change Form must be completed prior to applying for the FYE Waiver and submitted to the Registrar. Additionally, the student must be enrolled in or have completed the course selected to meet the IDS K105 requirement prior to requesting the waiver.

Completed First Year Experience Waiver Forms should be submitted to Rhonda Spaziani  via email at

For additional information regarding First Year Experience, email or call Rhonda Spaziani at or (860) 215-9293.