Student Government

Social Interaction, Community Service and Educational Opportunities

The Student Government (SGA) is a governing body of elected and non-elected students who represent the interests of the student body and work to improve the College community.  Student Government consists of an executive board, student organization representatives, and general representatives.

Students interested in joining Student Government can attend a weekly SGA meeting, contact a Student Government Representative in the SGA Office (F209), or stop by Student Programs (F211).

Student Government also chairs a Campus Activity Board (CAB), an organization for students who would like to plan campus events.

Requirements to Serve

Students interested in serving on Student Government must submit a Student Government petition. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled for a full semester at the college, maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA and remain in good academic standing.  Membership is limited to 60 members.

2021 – 2022 Student Government Executive Board

Hyrum Merkley
The President of Student Government officiates all meetings, prepares agendas, has the right of ex-officio to serve on any SGA committee, and maintains relationships with the College President and the Student Programs Coordinator.
Vice President
Position Available – Email for information!
The VP oversees Student Government meetings & business in the President’s absence. The VP is also responsible for maintaining the updated membership roster, recording contact information, and establishing quorum present at scheduled meetings, in addition to assisting the CAB Chair with promotion as needed.
Hyrum Merkley
The Secretary is responsible for the taking and reading of minutes, notifying members of meetings, contacting various persons in relation to the organization, administrating the day-to-day activities of the organization and creating the order of business.
Katy Bennett
The Treasurer keeps an accurate record of funds for the current fiscal year, and any un-allocated surpluses, and presents the updated Treasurer’s report at every scheduled meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring that Budget Requests are properly presented and all information required is present.
College Congress Rep
Hyrum Merkley
The College Congress Representative is the student member of the Three Rivers’ Governance Council. The purpose of the congress is to address major institutional planning and policy issues and to provide a forum for discussion of other important college issues. College Congress meets twice monthly and includes representatives of all major college constituencies.
CAB Chair
Quinn Kozak

The Campus Activity Board is responsible for planning events on campus for students and the greater TRCC community.  The CAB Chair coordinates all the CAB volunteers and oversees the events.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the CAB Chair to communicate with Student Government regarding event planning and spending.
Saphira Dorelus

The Student Advisory Council Representative helps maintain a network of representatives from other community colleges. They discuss many issues and policies for colleges. These include campus security, accessibility and consolidation. This information is then put to use in other colleges within the CSCU (Connecticut State Colleges and Universities) sphere.