FAQs for Students


Do I go to Three Rivers Community College for College Career Pathways courses?
No. All CCP courses are taught at the student’s high school by credentialed high school teachers during the regular school day.

How do I enroll?
Applications are available from your high school guidance counselor and on our website.

How much does it cost?
College Career Pathways courses are offered to students ABSOLUTELY FREE. There is no charge for tuition, though some high schools may require students to purchase their own textbooks.

When can I start?
Generally, students apply to the program in their sophomore year and take CCP courses in their junior and senior year. However, some highly motivated students may be ready for a CCP course in their sophomore, or even freshman, year. If you think you want to take a CCP course, just complete an application and send it in.

Do I even qualify to take a CCP course?
Check our website for individual course pre-requisites. You should also talk to your high school guidance counselor. In most cases, all that is needed is the permission of the course instructor and a desire to challenge yourself academically.

Do I have to attend Three Rivers Community College to earn the credits?
No. Upon completion of your CCP course, your grades and credits will be recorded on a Three Rivers Community College transcript. You may choose to attend Three Rivers or you may have your credits transferred to another college or university.

Will the credits I earn be accepted at all colleges?
Each institution has its own policies. It is up to each college or university to evaluate your transcript and determine whether and how they will accept the transfer credits. If you have questions about a specific school, it is recommended that you contact their admissions department directly.

Where can I get more information?
Contact your high school guidance counselor. Or, contact the CCP program office at 860/215-9297 or by email.