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Three Rivers Cares About YOU

The WE CARE initiative was created to let you know that whether you are currently an enrolled student or not, the administration, faculty and staff of Three Rivers cares about your well being and your future, and we are here for you.

2020 was a year filled with adversity, and the challenges that took many different forms. We are your college and are here to provide support and resources during this trying time. The list below the video offers a wide variety of resources including food, mental health, bereavement, disability access and much more. Stay safe and stay well!

Community Resources

Addiction/Substance Abuse

  • TRCC Resources – Your health and wellness are important to us. If you are struggling with addiction, please seek help. You could start with a counselor in Student Services (860-215-9017), or go directly to the outside community resources below.
  • Community Resources – Addiction/Substance Abuse – 

Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter

Behavioral/Mental Health

For emergency/crisis situations, please contact Southeastern Mental Health Authority Mobile Outreach Team and Crisis Services at 860-886-9302 



Disability Resources

Domestic Violence / Abuse and Neglect

Elder Care

Employment/Career Resources

Family Supports

Health Insurance/Access to Care

Legal Assistance/Advocacy



Mind and Body Wellness

  • TRMC Resource – TRMC Virtual Calming Room – Three Rivers Middle College welcomes members of the TRCC community and their families to use their Virtual Calming Room, a place to find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings.


  • Community Resources – Phones