Sexual Misconduct Resources and Education

You’re Not Alone.
If you fear for your safety, please call 911 right away for emergency service. If you need immediate and confidential help, please call: The Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern Connecticut Hotline: (888) 999-5545 or the Safe Futures Hotline: (888) 774-2900.

You have rights.  You have choices.  You have advocates.

These web pages are intended to provide all members of the Three Rivers Campus Community with resources to help better understand what sexual misconduct is, and what can be done if you or someone you know has suffered from any of its forms.

Investigation of the Claim

To the fullest extent possible, the College shall promptly, equitably, and thoroughly investigate all reports of sexual misconduct.  This page describes the major pieces of an investigation, and where reporters will fit into this process.

Request to Release the Report

In order to begin the investigation, the College shall request permission to disclose your name and the details of your report. Doing so allows the investigator to discuss this information with the alleged offender as well as any witnesses.

  • If you permit the College to use your information in this way, the College shall ask you to sign a FERPA release stating this prior to any further action taking place.  To learn more about FERPA, and how your privacy is protected, please review the Privacy Page.
  • If you do not permit the College to use your information in this way, please understand that the College’s ability to resolve your report may be limited.

Witness Testimony

The College shall request that you provide the names of any witnesses or other students, faculty, or staff who may have knowledge of the incident. The assigned investigator is expected to interview as many of these individuals as possible.

Though there is no required timeframe for reporting sexual misconduct, the College recommends that victims come forward as soon as possible so that witness testimony can be gathered when it is most reliable and available. The more time that passes between the incident and the report, the more difficult it may be for the College to investigate.

Evidence Collection

The resources listed below can you help you to learn about your options, get connected with confidential off-campus counseling services, and request action against an offender if you choose.

It is strongly recommended that any physical evidence of the incident be preserved. This evidence could be instrumental in resolving a report or in aiding a criminal investigation. Physical evidence may include

  • Clothing
  • Hand-written notes
  • Photographs
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Facebook or other social media posts and/or messages

Victims of sexual assault are strongly encouraged to seek out a Sexual Assault Exam as soon as possible in order to preserve forensic evidence that may be vital to pursuing criminal charges.  These exams are free of charge and available locally at Backus Hospital. Off-campus community victim advocates are available to escort victims to the hospital and to advocate for them throughout the process