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General Registration Philosophy

The Registrar’s Office strives to provide comprehensive, professional and quality services to students, faculty and the community by combining technological resources and a team of trained professionals in a welcoming and supportive environment.  Registering for college courses can be a challenging, rewarding and life-changing experience.  Whether a first-time, returning or transfer student, we are here for you.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides guidelines for protecting student rights.

Registrar’s Office – Room A115
Phone: (860) 215-9064
Fax: (860) 215-9919

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesdays: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm (Oct 24, 31, Nov 7, 14, 28, Dec 5, 12)

Registration Dates and Information

Forms and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Grade Report

Transcript Request – Current and Former Students

Fax and Drop-Off (after hours) Registration – Registration Form

  • Continuing and Distance Learning Students can also drop off, mail-in or FAX registration forms.
  • Include a transcript showing prerequisites unless they are recorded at TRCC
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for processing time
  • A copy of your registration and payment receipt will be mailed to you
  • It is your responsibility to confirm your registration at

Submarine Base Registration – Groton CT  courses scheduled at SUBASE

  • In addition to the TRCC campus in Norwich, there are some class offerings at our Submarine Base located in Groton, CT
  • Since that is a Military Installation, civilians may obtain access to attend these classes as long as they are U. S. citizens
  • Civilian students must register one week in advance of start date in order to secure the access paperwork needed. 
  • See date and location (course section will indicate B1) on course schedules

Continuing Degree Seeking Student Registration

  • Advising holds are placed on Degree seeking students in their first semester after admission or readmission
  • The advising hold will be removed after you have met with your advisor (see your advisor early to avoid registration delays)
  • Log into your myCommNet student account using Banner Self-Service link for your assigned advisor contact information

New/Transfer/Readmit/Non-Degree Student Registration

  • Students must complete the admissions application process before registering
  • See Admissions application information How to Apply/Enroll?

Transfer and Re-admitted Students:

  • Re-admit and transfer students will meet with an advisor before registration
  • Bring unofficial transcripts or grade reports of previous work to this meeting
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted for review and advising purposes only
  • Official transcripts are not required for advising but should be sent directly to the Registrar’s office as soon as possible to be evaluated for transfer
  • This will allow you to register online as prerequisite courses will be recorded at TRCC

Continuing Students: 

Students currently attending TRCC or have attended within the last 2 years..

How to Register:

1. Find your assigned advisor

a. Go to and login using your NetID
b. Click on the Student Tab, then click in the “Student Self Service” box
c. Click on “Student Records” then click “View Student Information”
d. Select your school term, click “Submit”
e. Scroll down to “Primary Advisor” to see your advisor’s name

Your advisor’s location, email address and phone number click Advisor Information

2. Meet with your assigned advisor

  • Continuing students should meet with their assigned advisor, discuss their academic goals and plans for the upcoming semester
  • Students will find out what courses are required for their degree and start their Plan of Study form

3. Recommend courses

  • Your Advisor will recommend courses for you to take in the next semester.
  • Remember… each course requires approximately 6-9 hours of work weekly in addition to classroom time.

4.  Make note of the courses your advisor recommends plus alternate courses.

5. Review the Course Search Schedule at

  • Select a Term(drop down arrow)
  • Select a College(drop down arrow)
  • Select and click circle for Open or Closed or Both
  • Select and click circle for Course Level for Credit or Non-Credit or Both
  • Select  Instruction Type (usually all or it will narrow the search and show limited or no classes for your search)
  • Select (if you choose) by Start Time, by End Time and by Days (also limits search)
  • Select a Subject
    • you may select All to view all courses offered for the semester
    • you may choose to Select a Subject to view courses offered in that subject only
  • Select sections that fit your schedule

6. Register Online

We hope you find online registration to be easy, convenient, and a less time consuming way to register.

a.  Go to and login using your NetID and password
b.  Click on Banner Self Service link(upper right)
c.  Click on “Registration and Payment”
d.  Click on “Select Term” and “Submit”
e.  Click on “Register (add/drop) Classes”
f.   Enter CRNs you want to register for in the “Add Classes Worksheet”
g.   Click on “Submit Changes”
h.   Click on Initiate Payment or exit if choosing other payment options

7. Review your Schedule

  • Be sure you have selected the CRN for the course day and time you want to register in
  • Click submit button

8.  How to pay

  • If online, in person, or mail to the Cashiers’ office
  • Fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable

Registration Questions??? –
Our interest is improving services for upcoming semesters

  • If you encounter registration problems
  • Contact Registrar’s Office for assistance: 860 – 215 9064

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