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First Week of the Semester

Students who have registered and wish to add or drop a course may do so online or in person at the Registrar’s Office during the first week of the semester.

Second Week of the Semester

Drops may be done in person during the second week of classes.  Classes can not be added in the second week of the start of the semester.  Students who wish to add a course in the second week of classes may consider our late start schedule.

Dropping a class or classes

Instructor signature is not required to drop a course.

Add Class

Courses can be added online during the first week of classes.

Drop Class

Courses can not be dropped online after the Add/Drop period ends.

Reduction in Credit/Partial Refund

Reduction in credit load on or before the end of the Add/Drop period will entitle the student to a partial refund of tuition for General Fund courses in accordance with the refund policy.  No refunds are granted after the 14th day of the semester. See Refund Policies

Financial Aid

Students receiving Financial Aid are strongly recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office prior to making schedule changes if you will be reducing your credit and are less than full-time.

If you are receiving Financial Aid Assistance

  • withdrawal may affect your financial aid for current and/or future semester(s).
  • It is strongly recommended that you contact the Financial Aid Office 860-215-9040 before withdrawing.

Veteran’s Benefits

Students receiving Veteran’s Benefits must notify the Veterans Representative when registering and/or making schedule changes

If you are receiving Veteran’s Benefits/Assistance

  • may affect your benefits
  • visit the VA representative in Room A115 or call 860-215-9235

If you decide to withdraw

See how to options below:

Withdraw Information

  • Course withdrawals are recommended if you cannot complete your course and are accepted up until the posted deadline.
  • Specific deadline dates are posted in the academic calendar and are strictly enforced.
  • A grade of “W” will be assigned after you formally withdraw.
  • If you stop attending classes without withdrawing, a grade of “W” will not be automatically assigned. Neglecting to withdraw may result in a grade of “F”.
  • It is strongly advised that you speak with your instructor before withdrawing.  Instructor signature is not required to withdraw.
  • No tuition or fee refunds will be granted for a withdrawn course.

Withdraw Online – Web Support

1. Log into myCommNet

2. Click on Banner Self-Service link or icon on the Homepage

  •  If you are attending (or have attended) multiple colleges, click on the college where you are registered.  This will route you to the main menu page
  • If you only attend one college, you will be brought directly to the main menu page

3. Click on REGISTRATION/SCHEDULE button and another menu will display

4. Click on the Register(add/drop) classes

5. Select the term that you are registered for (using the drop-down arrow) then click Submit

6. Find the correct course (CRN) you want to withdraw from

7. Select WW from the action drop-down menu

8. Click Submit changes at the bottom of the page

Note: WW will appear in your myCommNet student record.

  • This is your withdrawal confirmation
  • No need to submit any additional withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office

Withdraw using the paper form

Withdraw Form is available online or in person at the Registrar’s Office Room A115.

Completed withdraw form may be:

  • emailed to:
  • faxed to: 860-215-9919
  • dropped off in person at Registrar’s Office

Important Note: Students are responsible for confirming that their withdraw form has been received and processed in the Registrar’s Office Room A115. Confirm by checking online at

Questions: call the Registrar’s Office at:  860-215-9064