Senior Citizen Registration

Registrar’s Office – Room A115 860-215-9064

Seniors, take courses tuition-free when you register ON or AFTER Friday, August 26, 2022.

Senior Registration starts on campus at 1:00 pm on Aug. 26, 2022.

Senior Citizen Registration will be in person. See below for how to register.

Fall 2022 class schedule available now!

See course listings and availability here: Course Search.

Are you eligible to use the Senior Citizen Waiver?

  • You must be 62 years of age or older (by the first day of classes on 8-29-22)
  • You must be a resident of Connecticut for at least the past year.
  • You must present verification of date of birth and state residency when registering (CT driver’s license preferred).
  • NOTE: Seniors who want to register BEFORE Senior Registration Day (8/26/22) are not eligible for the Senior Citizen Waiver.

Have you taken classes previously at TRCC and been away for more than two years?

**  Your first step will be to complete the TRCC student application. **

Are you a continuing student?

  • If you would like to register for classes, please complete the Registration Form .
  • You can scan the form and email it to us at or fax it to 860-215-9919.
  • OR you can come to campus on Friday, August 26, between 1-3pm to register with staff here.

When to register?

  • Senior citizens register on the last day before classes begin on a space available basis.
  • Registering early before the designated date will DISQUALIFY you for this waiver.
  • Registrations will be processed by the Registrar’s Office team beginning at 1pm on August 26.

How to register?

What fees are included with the tuition waiver?

  • Tuition and general fees (college service fee, student activity fee, and the application fee) are included and waived.

Are lab fees included with the tuition waiver?

  • Lab fees are not included and are not waived. Special fees, including course lab fees and art studio fees, must be paid by the student – no exceptions.

Are Summer and Winter course tuition and fees waived?

  • Summer and Winter inter-session courses are not included for waiver option.

Why do you have a bill with charges for the class when tuition is waived?

  • Waivers are not posted automatically and need to be done manually.
  • Your bill (which can be viewed in the “Banner Self Service” area of the portal) will be generated when you register.
  • The Cashier’s Office will credit the tuition waiver to the bill within the first few weeks of the term.
  • Like all students, senior citizens must comply to the academic calendar dates for modifications (LINK provided 8/23)

Would  you like to earn credit or audit the class?

  • WHEN you register for the class, please indicate if you would like to earn CREDIT (graded) or AUDIT (non-graded, enrichment).
  • To audit, complete the Audit Request Form and return to the Registrar’s Office at or drop off at the Registrar’s Office Room A115.

More questions you might ask about Fall 2022 semester classes?

Q. What classes are being offered?
A.  See Course Search.

Q.  Are classes on campus or online?
A.   MANY classes are IN PERSON, ON CAMPUS! Due to the lingering COVID-19, however, some classes are virtual, either Online or LRON.

Q.  What is online?
A.    You do the work independently, anytime of the day, as directed by instructor.

Q. What is LRON?
A.  The class takes place online during the days and times provided,

but happen in a “Zoom-like” format (video conferencing).

Q. How do I participate in class?

A.  For on-campus classes, please locate the designated room and be here on the corresponding days/times! For “LRON” or “On-Line” classes, you will need to login to your student portal myCommNet to access Blackboard.   Course materials and activities can be found there!

Note: For key dates related to terms or deadlines, please click here: Academic Calendar.