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Educational Technology and Distance Learning – Faculty Resources

This page contains links to information and resources for part time and full time faculty members.

Blackboard Resources (LMS)

Blackboard Resources

myCommNet Portal  Resources

myCommNet Portal Video

Information for Designing and Building Online and Hybrid Courses at Three Rivers

Connecticut Community Colleges System Resources
Contingency Planning (2 pp)
Copyright Guidelines (8 pp)
Effective Teaching Practices and Other Best Practices Resources (18 pp)

Approval Process for Distance Education at Three Rivers Community College

First-Run Online and Hybrid Class Development Process

Review and Evaluation Process at Three Rivers Community College

Online Course Design Process
Online Course Design Checklist

Additional Resource: CCC Distance Education Course Design Guidelines

How-do Tutorials & Animations

How do I Use the Document Camera? (11:41 )
How do I Use Word in Microsoft’s Skydrive-Windows Live-Hotmail? (Similar to Office 365)(6:37)
How do I Create a Zip Archive or Compressed File?(1:28)
How do I Extract (Uncompress) a Zip Archive? (1:35)

Electronic Evaluations (Electronic Student Ratings)

View the Results of the Electronic Evaluations (5 pp)

How-to Documents

How to Sync Devices for New O365 Email Document (4 pp)

How to find out more about the Smarter Measure (READI) assessment for students.
How to Login to the Instructor Station with the App (10 pp)
How to Use the Document Camera App (12 pp)
How to Access the Instructor Station (AV Console) (5 pp)
How to Access the Instructor Station (AV Console) part 2 (14 pp)
How to Change the Default Save Format in Document (Office 2010/07, Mac Office 2011/08, Open Office, Google Docs) Applications (4 pp)
How to Cleanup Your Email (OWA) Mailbox-Permanently Delete (1 pp)
How to Clear Cache in IE, Firefox, and Safari (6 pp)

Technology Training and Workshops

ConnSCU Commons Learning Technology Training Calendar – Register

Having Trouble?

On Campus Help Contacts
Reset your NetID password: Computer, Network, or myCommNet
Reset your NetID password via Fax: Out-of-Area Students
Reset your NetID password via email.
Change your password in myCommNet
Contact the Educational Technology Department, (860) 215-9210.

After Hours and Weekend Support

Use the Connecticut Colleges & Universities Online Support Center
Online Support Center Phone 866 940-1928