Academic Division Forms

Academic Forms

This is the information from the former TRCCWeb, which was available on-campus only. Faculty and staff will be able to access this information off-campus by logging in when prompted.

Additional Responsibilities form 14-15.docx
Analysis of PCI Identity Data on Mobile Devices.doc
Banner ID form .doc
Banner Schedule modification form_for Cont Ed.xls
Banner Schedule modification form_for DCs_PC’s.xls
BOR Process_Forms
Checklist for new empl 9 13_rev from 121415.docx
Color Copy Print Request Form.doc
Coop Guidelines_Sample.doc
Course Substitution Form.docx
Course_Catalog Change Form_REV3.doc
Course_New Course Proposal_rev.doc
Crosslisting Proposal Form.docx
E1 Form.docx
Evaluation form (AFT)_Coun & Lib.doc
Evaluation form_Congress AFSCME.doc
Evaluation Info Web Location_faculty.doc
Faculty_Checklist for new hires.docx
Fresh Start Application 06 23 15.doc
FYE Exemption form 2014 .docx
FYE Exemption Waiver Policy 2014.docx
Grade Change Request.doc
Incident report form Physical plant_Science
Incident report form _Student or Personnel_Science Dept.doc
Incident report form_additional sheet_Science Dept.doc
Incident report.doc
Incomplete form.doc
Ind Study Contract_rev122713.docx
LAS _GS Plan of Study Change Request Form.docx
Minutes Format.docx
MyCommNetGuide for New Faculty.pdf
Office hours form_Instructor (2).doc
Office hours form_Instructor.doc
Online_Contingency Plan.pdf

Online_Course Proposal Form.docx
Online_Course Proposal Form.pdf
Online_Effective Teaching Practices Appendix B.pdf
Online_First-Run Online & Hybrid Class Devpmnt Guidelines.pdf
Personnel Request Form for FT Faculty Positions.docx
Plan of Study Change Form_Curriculum_rev022614.docx
Plan of Study Change_LAS_GS_Request Form_for LAS – GS Committee.docx
Practicum Contract_A_Contract_General.docx
Practicum Contract_A_Contract_General_ SAMPLE.pdf
Practicum Contract_B_Early Childhood Page1_ECE295_rev012516.docx
Practicum Contract_B_Early Childhood_Guidelines_ECE295.doc
Practicum Info Packet_Sport and Leisure Management.doc
Practicum Information Packet_Business.doc
Practicum Information Packet_Criminal Justice.doc
Professional Development Plan Form.rtf
Program Review Addendum_BOR attachment.docx
Program Review Addendum_BOR Guidelines.docx
Program Review Addendum_BOR Instructions.docx
Program Review Addendum_BOR Reporting Options.docx
Program Review Addendum_BOR Sample completed.docx
Program Review template_rev 10222014_fnl.doc
Program_Advisor Change Form.pdf
REIMBURSEMENT Guidelines and Form – Annual Convening – October 2015.pdf
Report to Academic Dean Form_to work units_rev.docx
Request for Pass_Fail.doc
Scheduling Conflicts Management Form.docx
Self Appraisal Form.rtf
Syllabus Template
Teaching Assistantship_FERPA agreement.docx
Travel Authorization Form CO-112.doc
Two Year Plan Sample.xlsx