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Adult and Non Traditional Learners


Three Rivers Community College Adult Learners are defined as those students 25 years and older who are returning to college or commencing their journey into higher education. They may be full, or part-time students and have a wide variety of reasons for coming to the college. Adult learners bring life experience to their studies. They often find themselves in a position of trying to juggle school-work-family demands and have their own set of unique needs

Adult learners are here at TRCC because they may have postponed or halted their pursuit of higher education for any number of reasons in the past: military service, starting a family, job demands, uncertainty about a career track, and a variety of other factors. Whatever your reasons for being here, the college welcomes and supports your endeavors.

Adult Learners Resource Links

The following sites provide information to assist adult learners be successful in their higher education pursuits.

Topic of the Week:

Don’t forget to explore the non-traditional ways of earning credit towards a degree:
  • APL: Assessment of Prior Learning is a 4 credit course that can help you earn credit for life experience. Check it out on the APL link on the right hand side of this page
  • CLEP and DANTES allow you to take “tests” that may earn you college level credits for specific courses. Links are also on the right side of this page.
The College is exploring the option of starting a chapter of the non-traditional student honor society, Alpha Sigma Lambda. This is an academic honor society for students aged 24 and older and all student parents regardless of age. Please contact Sharon Lincoln at if you are interested in this initiative.

Upcoming Events

Earn Credit for your life experience. Check out the Assessment of Prior Learning opportunity.

Check out the scholarship opportunities at TRCC Scholarships
Many scholarships are geared to non-traditional students. On the web link above check out the following scholarships designated specifically for non-traditional adult learners:
  • Dr. Wayne Silver
  • Adventures in Life Long Learning
  • Eugene and Florence Frank
  • Father Larry Ouimet Fire Technology
  • Joan Grove and Carolyn Krohn Memorial Scholarship
  • The LaMattina Foundation
  • Matthew P. Hightower Memorial
  • Rose Rubin Memorial
  • Joan Grove and Caroline Krohn Memorial


Join us at the Adult & Non Traditional Learners group in LinkedIn.

Student Demographics

You are not alone:
  • 43.5% of our students are 25 years and older
  • 20% of our students are 35 and older
  • 58.2% of our part-time students are 25 and older
  • 17.2% of our  full-time students are 25 and older

If you have a question/topic as an adult or a nontraditional learner that you would like to see addressed. Please post it in LinkedIn or contact Sharon Lincoln at or Phone: 860-215-9264.