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New Look of Blackboard Learn

Service Pack (SP) 10 and 11 Tour

Blackboard Ally (Accessibility)

Ally Explainer Show Me (3:13)
Ally Basics Document (1 p)
Ally Accessibility Checklist FAQs (Web)
Quick Start Guide (Web)

Blackboard Learn

FAQs Wiki
Bb Learn Template (13 pp)

Blackboard Learn Pointers (Quick Visual Guides)

Adding Questions from the Pool (1 p)
Chat (1 p)
Closing Discussions (3 pp)
Show Menu Item to Students (1 p)

How-to Documents, Tutorials & Animations

Add Mashups Document (2 pp), Show Me (5:47)
Add a Syllabus Document (1 pp), Show Me (3:27)
Add Content Document (2 pp), Show Me (2:21)
Add an “Introduce Yourself” Discussion to My Course?  Document (2 pp),

Add Tools to the Course and Its Menu? Document (1 pp), Show Me  (3:04)
Back Up a Course Document (3 pp),
Change the Course Menu Colors? Document (1 pp),
Change My Email Address for Blackboard? Document (2 pp),
Edit My Notification Settings? Document (2 pp), Show Me (1:16)
Copy a Course to a New Semester? Document (3 pp), Show Me (8:31)
Copy Your Test, Quiz, or Exam to Another Course Document (5 pp), Show Me (2:15)

Grading and Grade Center
Create Grade Center Categories? Document (3 pp), Show Me  (2:31)
Create a Grade Center Column? Document (2 pp), Show Me (2:31)
Create a Grade Report for Students? Document (3 pp), Show Me  (2:43)
Create a Grade Rule with the Early Warning System? Document (2 pp), Show Me (1:50)
Grade Assignments Using the Inline Grading Tool Show Me (3:51)
Create and Grade Assignments  Show Me (1:30)
Create and Grade Discussions  Show Me (4:33)
Create and Grade Tests, Pools, and Surveys Document (50 pp), Show Me (4:46), Show me (1:41)
Customize the Grade Center View? Document (2 pp), Show Me (2:31)
Download the Grade Center File to My Computer? Document (2 pp), Show Me  (2:39)
Download My Grade Center History to Retain for Records? Document (2 pp)
Create Groups & Group Activities Document (5 pp), Show Me 1 (2:45)
Create Rubrics? Document (5 pp), Show Me (4:58)Set Up the 1000 Point Grading System Document (6 pp)
Grade Students Anonymously? Document (1 pp), Show Me (2:35)
How to Create a Midterm Column for the Grade Center Document (3 pp)
Edit My Blackboard Learn Course Listing (My Courses Module)? Document (1 pp)
Familiarize Myself with the Grade Center Document (4 pp), Show Me (58:50)
Give Student Extra Time on Test, Quiz, or Exam for Disabilities Document (4 pp)
View the Details of a Grade in the Grade Center? Document (2 pp), Show Me (1:28)
Navigate, Edit and Add a Calculated Column to the Grade Center Document (4 pp), Show Me (1:38)
Equal versus Proportional Grading Document (4 pp)
Get Blackboard Learn Faculty Training Information Document (1 p)
Hide Content from Students in Learn Document (1 p)
Import Tests/Test Questions with TestGen Document (1 pp), Show Me (2:15)
Login to Blackboard via myCommNet Document (2 pp),
Login to Mobile Learn Document (2 pp), Show Me (0:58)

Post Announcements in Blackboard Learn? Document (2 pp), Show Me (2:38)
Send a Progress Alert Document (3 pp),
Set Up a Mobile-Friendly Course Document (7 pp)

Strengthen Basic Skills to Use Blackboard (Essential Pre-Blackboard Skills)? Document (3 pp), Show Me (several videos: Win 10, control panel, file-folder, email)

Trusted Sites Problem
Use the Performance Dashboard to Keep Students On Track? Document (2 pp), Show Me (1:03)
Use SafeAssign Document (22 pp), Show Me (4:23)
Use the Student View Document (1 pp) Show Me (2:23)