Congratulations and Welcome, TRCC Distance Learning Community!


The Three Rivers website changed extensively during Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. The college’s website transformed into a new look and feel. The site has two components, the main website and the Extranet. The main site will be geared toward helping brand new students find the information they need and enroll in their courses. The Extranet will have more of the informational resources current students have come to expect. You will be able to reach either section directly, main ( and Extranet ( Some areas, such as the collection of past syllabi on the Extranet, may require you to log in with your myCommNet ID and password. (See below.)


If you have not done so previously, we recommend that you take the SmarterMeasure assessment ( Initial username= 3Rivers, Initial PW= 3Student. Your advisor or professors may ask you to email them your results so please make sure to get this done as soon as you can.  If you have additional questions or comments after sign-up, email me at


To get to your courses, the library databases, final grades, and your student information, visit myCommNet which can be accessed from the green myCommNet and Email icon on the Dashboard in the lower left-hand section of any college Extranet page, The initial password at myCommNet will be based on a case-sensitive combination of 3 letters of your birth month, the ampersand, and last four digits of your social security number, which you will be required to change after the first login. (Ex: Apr&9876Jan&0001Aug&7654)

You can access your courses one week before the semester starts by going to the Student Tab after logging into myCommNet. From that page, choose the Blackboard icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Please note, your course(s) listed at the top of the email you received prior to classes, will be taught using our Blackboard Learn System. If you are taking a course at another CT community college, the learning management platform and login are the same. If you are using Blackboard at any university including CT state universities and Charter Oak State College the platform may have significant differences.

A browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) will be the primary method used to access your courses. You should run the “Browser Check” utility located on the Blackboard home page to ensure your browser is compatible with Blackboard.


You can also see your courses using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app OR the Bb Student app either of which can be downloaded using the iTunes Store (IOS/Apple), Google Play (Droid/Chrome), or Blackberry App World. If there is a cost for either app, you are not viewing the correct version. This video can help: Learn app video

Currently, there is no app for Blackboard Mobile Learn in the Amazon store (Kindle) but you can still use myCommNet/Blackboard within the browser.

After downloading the app you will need to sign in. When signing in to the app, search and find “Connecticut Community Colleges” rather than Three Rivers.


Blackboard contains a FREE Student Orientation course available through your course list (My Institution page). The orientation will become available usually close to the start of the semester. Please take the time to review this orientation.


Student email using Office 365 is the official means of communication for administrative purposes. You can read about it on the student tab in myCommNet or from the student email button in the lower right corner of the college Extranet page ( Remember that in each place WHEN YOU LOGIN to email you will be entering your NetID and password, not the email address. Please make sure that you are regularly checking this email account.

Since student email is the official means of communication, you cannot opt out of the email system nor can you opt out of any particular administrative email types (surveys, Title IX, college announcements, etc.). Failure to use student email is a tremendous disadvantage to students who would miss important information such as registration dates, communications from professors, etc. The College only emails information that is believed to be relevant to your studies and pertinent to student life or information required by the CT Board of Regents, the State of Connecticut, the New England Commission of Higher Education, and the federal government. The College does not send emails for commercial purposes.


As part of your student email account, you will have the ability to download a copy of Microsoft Office to your computer or tablet. This will get you full versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and some others. Up to five devices are covered. How to download is covered under the student support page,

Versions of Office are available for both the Windows and MAC operating systems but they may be slightly different in features and capabilities. In addition, the MAC version does not include the Access application. If you are enrolling in a distance learning course that requires Office, you should contact the Computer Science Program Coordinator Patrick Burton to determine which operating system and Office version are required for the course.


Student support for distance learning: For password problems on-campus contact the student services registration office or the IT Service Desk. For questions about the course construction, communicate with your professor in the forum she or he indicates.

A support page is available at

If you have technical problems, email at or TR-DistanceLearning.  For 24/7 weekday, weekend, and holiday support, use the System’s Blackboard Help Desk: 860 723-0221. Best wishes for a successful semester!

–K. Barfield, Director of Educational Technology,