Student Complaints

Student Complaints

Three Rivers and the CSCU System considers each student complaint in a measured and systematic manner. The student complaint process is detailed in the Student Handbook. The handbook can be downloaded and used offline. The process explains how to initiate a Request for Review and links to an online form to do so remotely.

Out-of-State Online Students

For students who do not reside within Connecticut and who are taking online courses, additional resources may assist in complaint resolution. The additions to the complaint system are a result of the college’s participation as a SARA institution.

Only those complaints resulting from distance education courses offered by participating institutions to students in other SARA states come under the terms of the agreement. Complaints about a SARA institution’s in-state operations are to be resolved under the state’s provisions, not those of SARA.

Regardless of the residence of the student, students must first follow the complaint resolution system as outlined in the Student Handbook. Grade and student conduct complaints are always entirely handled per the Student Handbook. The out-of state student may appeal to the portal agency shown below.
Emily Bjornberg
Office of Higher Education
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 510
Hartford, CT 06103-1841

The State of California is does not participate in SARA. Students who are located in California can seek additional complaint guidance at

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