Process to Participate

What is the process for participating in Experiential Learning at
Three Rivers Community College?

Three Rivers offers a number of programs which require or strongly recommend that students participate in experiential learning. Each program requires advanced planning and advising accompanied by completions of specific forms. These forms include information regarding your placement, your supervisor’s agreement, and a faculty member’s review and approval of the placement. These forms MUST be completed PRIOR to the end of the previous semester. Links are available below – please visit the programs page to contact the program contacts for any questions you may have regarding placement, enrollment or additional materials.

Forms for Experiential Learning Experience 

Business Form and Informational Packet
Criminal Justice Form and Informational Packet
Early Childhood Form
– please see program coordinator for informational packet
General Practicum Form
Please see the program coordinator for Co-op, Internship and Teaching Assistantship documentation.

The process for planning and registration should begin early. After meeting with the program contact (which can be found here) completion of the required form must be approved by the Program Coordinator and then the signed form and any additional required paperwork must be turned into the Academic Dean’s Office. After approval is granted, processing will commence and students will receive a copy of the approved paperwork in the mail – allowing them to self register.

Requirements for application vary by program, but all programs require Program Coordinator approval and the successful completion of several program specific courses in order to be considered eligible.