Nursing & Allied Health

By ourselves we can achieve many things. Together we can achieve multitudes.

Vision Statement

The Nursing Faculty and Staff Mentoring program:

  • is a voluntary relationship
  • is sanctioned, supported and in alignment with the mission and vision of Three Rivers Community College Nursing Program
  • occurs an experienced student (mentor) and one or more other students (student partner)
  • has mentors who do not hold supervisory positions, but one of equality with the student partners
  • has an outcome of the mentor relationship that is expected to benefit all parties in the relationship
  • benefits not only the involved mentor relationship, but Nursing Program community as well
  • provides mentoring by way of one-to-one, small group, or electronic telecommunication as available
  • focuses on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange, sharing of wisdom and role modeling

Mentoring is …

Mentoring is being a role model, a teacher, an advisor, and a supporter. It also encompasses brainstorming, coaching, path finding and advocating by way of a working partnership. Within these roles we can encourage growth, facilitate learning and empower others to develop their potential. Mentoring is all this and more.