CFT Teaching and Instructional Resources

Teaching and Instructional Resources

American Association of Community Colleges – up-to-date articles , professional development database,  convention info…

Call For Papers – maintained by UPenn

Channel One Teacher – everything you need to teach the news

Chronicle of Higher Education : The Bible of higher ed.  Some sections require a paid subscription for access.

College info from Education  Department    National education news. Use their education search. Get statistics.

Conference alerts for various disciplines – worldwide

Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges –  T ips on handling over 100 misbehavior problems

Discovery School: Fresh ideas for teachers & students to enhance learning

Education Department, US .

Education Search Over 20 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity

Education Virtual Library  

Education Virtual Library Maintained by Charles Strutt University    use their search tool & visit their links

Electronic School – up-to-date reading

Guides for Teachers   Marvelous handouts from Colorado State University

Knowledge Loom :  Award-winning site of practical advice for teaching

League for the Innovation of Community Colleges

Listserve  for educators – University of Florida


National Center for Education Statistics from  

National Council for the Teachers of English

National Resource Center for The Freshman Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina.

National Teaching & Learning Forum – . Includes the Interactive Faculty Salary Database, which allows you to compare your recompense with that of peers in your state, your region, or the nation. There’s also a link to Houghton Mifflin’s very own Faculty Development Programs site.

National Trio Clearinghouse – Council for Opportunity in Education

Northeast Modern Language Association:

On  Excellent tips to improve student success & college retention. Text Link Goucher College affiliation        Learn about yourself  self-evaluation

Publishers –

Addison Wesley
Allyn & Bacon
American Management Association
Bantam Books   also
Dover Publication
Harcourt 1 800 225 5425
Houghton Mifflin     800-733-1717.
McGraw Hill 1800 237 2665 and 1 800 338  3987
Oxford University Press
Penguin Books
Perseus Books
Prentice Hall     1 800 922 0579  and 1 800 526 0485
Simon Schuster
Thin Book Co.
University of Chigago
Ethics Pren Hall,4095,1598,00.html
W. W. Norton

Social Science Gateway to Education -below is a sampling of some of their links:
Adult Education +
Educational Policy 
Educational Theory
Resource Guides