Tutor Training


This concludes your initial tutor training. Along with the other training sessions listed on the training index page, you should be ready to start tutoring, but this is by no means an all-inclusive, end-all training. More training will take place as you continue here in TASC.

As a summary, we have included, below, the “Five Steps to Becoming an Effective Tutor.” This was developed by Kathie Read, former Learning Resource Center Coordinator, now Interim Dean of Instruction at American River College in Sacramento, CA, and is reposted here (with minor modifications) with her permission.


Five Steps to Being an Effective Tutor

STEP one : Know What is Expected of You As A Tutor

Know your responsibilities and duties as a tutor in regards to tutees, TASC supervisors, instructors, and other tutors.

STEP two : Setting Up the Tutor Session

The better you are prepared; the better you will be able to tutor. Learn how to:

  • Shape the tutoring environment.
  • Prepare yourself for your tutee.
  • Review the tutoring request form and check the appointment schedule.

STEP three: Meeting Your Client’s Needs

The better you meet your tutee’s needs during a session, the better the session. Get to know your student’s:

  • Psychological needs.
  • Academic needs.
  • Social needs.

STEP four: The Ingredients of a Good Tutor Session

The following are some of the necessary ingredients for a good session:

  • Give your client undivided attention.
  • Have empathy with your client’s problems.
  • Be honest with your client.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Have the ability to “lighten up” a situation.
  • Have a good interaction with your client, a good give-and-take.
  • Know your client’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work through your client’s strengths to improve his/her weaknesses.
  • Make your client feel good about him/herself and his/her accomplishments.
  • Know when to stop a session
  • End the session on a positive note.

STEP five: Ending the Tutoring Session

Do not just say “good-bye” when the session is over. You should:

  • Positively assess the work that was done during the session.
  • Give assignments if appropriate.
  • Re-schedule for another session.
  • Do any necessary tutor record-keeping.
  • Always end the session with a positive comment.


Please follow the link below to take the Tutor Test, and welcome to the TASC team!