Math Computer Lab

TASC – Math Tutoring Computer Lab


The Three Rivers Math Tutoring Computer Lab is located in the TASC in Rm. C-117.


The Math Tutoring Computer Lab is run by the Tutoring and Academic Success Centers (TASC). We have 16 computers, each with:

  • Text-specific software for most math courses taught at Three Rivers – MyMathLab and StatDisk (for Statistics) software
  • Sound cards for using the audio portion of multimedia applications. Note: A limited number of headphones are available for use in TASC and a disinfecting wipe will be provided to you. If you are overly concerned about or have health issues, please bring your own set (sets are available for purchase in TRCC’s bookstore).


The Math Computer Lab is staffed by the tutors from TASC, so the lab is open during TASC’s regularly scheduled hours of operation. Feel free to stop in during any of these times. Also, you can elect to meet with your tutor in the Math Computer Lab for any of your regular math tutoring sessions.


  • TASC at 860.215.9082
  • Tutoring Center Tutor Matt Burbine at 860.215.9219
  • Math Resource Center Coordinator Brian Kennedy at 860.215.9441