Tutor Training

TASC – Welcome to New Tutor Training

The Three Rivers Community College TASC (Tutoring & Academic Success Centers) are committed to providing a quality tutor training program that will enable tutors to be active participants in helping students succeed while identifying and meeting their goals .

With this is mind, this site was created to aid in the training of TASC tutors. Successful completion of each of these training modules is required before beginning work as a TASC tutor.

New Tutor Training

New TASC tutors are required to view the online tutor training website and complete a test at the end. This must be completed before you begin tutoring.

CRLA Tutor Training

TASC is accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to certify our tutors as Level 1 CRLA certified tutors. Prior to the start of each semester and at various times through the year, we conduct tutor training sessions that, along with tutoring experience and other requirements, will enable you to earn that certification. For more information, contact either center coordinator.

TSS Training

Tutors will also need to attend training on using the Tutor Scheduling System (TSS). Proper use of the TSS is essential for scheduling appointments, tracking of TASC usage, and planning and reporting functions. Additionally, the TSS contains the Comm Log (communications log), vital to TASC operations. Please contact the appropriate Center Coordinator to schedule a time for training on use of the TSS.

Policies and Procedures for Tutees

All new tutees coming to TASC receive and must acknowledge receipt of the current TASC policies and procedures for anyone using our tutoring services. This document spells out some basic policies that we have in effect in TASC, such as limits on the number of appointments per week, so that there are no “surprises” to them as time goes on. You, as a tutor, should also be aware of this information, so please read the TASC Policies and Procedures for Tutees, print out and sign the last page, and turn that in to the appropriate coordinator.

Tutor Application

If you have not already done so, please print out a copy and complete the Tutor Application form. Note that a faculty recommendation signature is required. Return the completed form to the applicable TASC supervisor and schedule an interview.

TASC Contact Info

Check this page for e-mail addresses and phone numbers for TASC staff.


Our thanks to Owensboro Community College for sharing much of the content contained in the New Tutor Training section!

Thanks also to Kathie Read, former Learning Resource Center Coordinator, now Interim Dean of Instruction at American River College in Sacramento, CA, for the “5 Steps to Becoming an Effective Tutor”