Writing Center

The Writing Center

The mission of the TRCC Writing Center is to give all students the tools and support they need to be successful and independent academic writers. We offer a range of services for students, faculty and staff covering four basic areas: walk-in and reserved appointments, classroom presentations, writing resources, and e-mail paper submission.

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The Writing Center on WordPress

The Writing Center (http://trccwritingcenter.wordpress.com/) uses the WordPress blogging tool to provide students with writing style, grammar, anti-plagiarism and word processing information.  Students also have ways to contribute.

Walk-In Help

Come by during our open hours with your writing questions.  If there is a tutor available, he or she can help you out right there and then.  We can help you start a new assignment, revise a draft, or give you editing tips on a final copy.

Reserved Appointments

If you know when you have a writing project coming due, you can reserve a spot on the schedule weeks in advance.  Reserved appointments are also available for those who would like to meet weekly with a writing tutor.

Classroom Presentations

Interested faculty and staff can contact the Writing Center Coordinator for assistance in developing course-specific writing assignments, customized in-class presentations, annotated bibliographies covering writing in various disciplines, and editing help with campus-related writing tasks.

E-mail Submissions

A lot of students work full time or have other responsibilities that make it tough to schedule a face-to-face appointment.  We offer an e-mail submission service for those who would like to get feedback on their writing via e-mail.  Type “WC submission” in the subject line of your e-mail and include the following: your full name and BANNER I.D. number, the name and number of the course for which you are submitting the paper, your instructor’s name, a brief description of the assignment, and any specific concerns you have about you draft.  Attach a copy of your paper as a .txt, .rtf, .doc, or .docx file OR cut and paste your text into the body of your e-mail.  Send it to TRWritingCenter@threerivers.edu. We will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Writing Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Click on one of the links to the right and you will be directed towards our collaborative resource page with information about the topic you selected.