Language Arts Lab

The Reverend David L. Cannon Language Arts Lab

The Language Arts Lab in TASC consists of space for tutoring along with 5 computer work stations.

The computers have the following software for foreign language learners installed:

  • Rosetta Stone for students learning Spanish
  • MyLanguageLab for students learning Spanish:

Note: Headphones and headphone/microphone sets are available for use in TASC and a disinfecting wipe will be provided to you. If you are overly concerned about or have health issues, please bring your own set (sets are available for purchase in TRCC’s bookstore).

  • The Language Arts Lab is named in honor of the Reverend David L. Cannon, a long-time supporter of language arts and the Connecticut Community College System. A resident of Preston, CT, Dr. Cannon has served on the Connecticut Community Colleges’ Board of Trustees for over thirty years, serving as Chair from 1982 to 1995, the longest term in the Board’s history. Dr. Cannon has also had a long relationship with Three Rivers Community College, often representing the Board at TRCC commencements and other events.