Tutor Training

TASC Policies and Procedures

Here in TASC, we strive to provide a supportive student environment, both for patrons and employees. Because of this, we provide flexible scheduling and always put tutoring duties before other assigned TASC duties. However, when not tutoring, you will be expected to do other TASC duties before personal items like studying for classes.

General Guidelines

  • When you come on duty, make sure someone at the desk knows you are here. If you are scheduled alone, make sure that students seeking assistance are helped.
  • Every day, when you come in on shift, log onto the Tutor Scheduling System, check your appointments for the day and read any new Comm Log (communications log) entries or replies. Also, check your mailbox in the hallway leading to the Language Lab for assignments or announcements.
  • Adhere to your schedule. Arrive on time and do not stay over (unless cleared to do so from a TASC supervisor).
  • If you cannot make it to work or will be late, call the TASC office AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (860.215.9082 or 860.215.9219 or 860.215.9214). Excessive absenteeism may result in dismissal.
  • Maintain accurate time sheets in ink. Sign them immediately upon receipt, but only fill in each day’s hours that day. Also, complete them on time. If you fail to do this, payment will be delayed by two weeks. You can pick up your paycheck from the Human Resources office in C-247.
  • Have new students seeking help complete a request form. This provides important contact information about our students. While the student is still there, verify that all of the information on the form is legible and, if not, rewrite it legibly with the student’s help.
  • At the same time, make sure that all new tutees receive a copy of the “TASC Policies and Procedures for Tutees” handout and that they sign and return the attached “Acknowledgement” form. You should be familiar with these policies and procedures as well.
  • Do not comment negatively on Instructors’ methods to tutees or to other tutors; this is extremely unprofessional.
  • Tutor only classes and subjects that you have been cleared to tutor. You are usually not cleared to tutor classes in which you are currently enrolled.

When not tutoring:

  • Make sure that someone is staffing the reception desk if you do not have an appointment. However, do not congregate around the reception desk or the entryway; this presents an uninviting and unprofessional appearance.
  • Greet students as they come into TASC. Many first-time TASC patrons need assistance in finding appropriate resources. Try to make them feel welcome.
  • When not tutoring, it is your responsibility to answer the phone.
  • You are allowed to use TASC computers during slow times. However, if there are only a few machines available, please remain off the computers so that students will know, upon entering the centers, that there are available computer resources.
  • As long as the reception desk is staffed, your first choice for computer use should be the first computer inside the door to the Math Computer Tutoring Lab (reserved for Tutoring Center tutors) or the first computer inside the door to the Writing Center (reserved for Writing Center tutors). This will allow you to see the reception area and to assist the receptionist if necessary. If these computers are already occupied, choose another computer that gives you a view of the reception area.
  • As an employee, you should not be using the computers for gaming or watching non-academic related videos. Even if you are off-duty, this presents a poor image of TASC to anyone that recognizes you as a tutor. Please do your gaming at home.
  • The best use of your “down time” is doing your own homework. We encourage you to bring your homework. Some days are slower than others, so you will often have time to complete homework while on duty.


We look forward to getting to know you!