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Travel Reimbursement
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Travel Authorization

Documents Required Prior to Travel:

All employees who travel on officially-sanctioned college business must submit an approved Travel Package to the Administrative Services Office prior to traveling. This package should include the following documents:

  1. Travel Authorization Request Form (“TA” or CO-112 form)
    • Your travel package must include a TA form if any of the following apply:
      • Out-of-state travel, regardless of cost
      • Blanket requests for employees traveling on a continuous basis as part of their duties
    • This form serves to summarize the entire travel package and provides an estimated detailed breakdown of anticipated travel related costs. It must be signed by the employee and approved by his or her supervisor prior to submission to the Administrative Services Office. All out–of-state travel must also be approved by the President. If you are traveling through Bradley International Airport for State business, you can request a parking permit for the dates indicated on the TA form. The parking permit is only good for certain lots on a space available basis. Complete item 13 on the TA form to request a parking permit. Upon approval, the parking permit can be picked up in the Administrative Services Office (C-241) one week prior to travel.
    • The Travel Reimbursement Chart shows guidelines for allowable costs within specific categories and is available in C-241 or under the Financial Services links.
    • If utilizing Grant Funds for travel the college may be able to make the reservations and payments directly for hotel, airfare and conference registration. Please contact the Administrative Services Office (C-241).
    • A revised TA must be completed and approved if any of the following conditions exist:
      • The mode of travel changes (i.e. personal auto instead of air travel)
      • The date(s) and/or time of travel change
      • Cost components are revised to include expenses not reflected on the original authorization
      • The total cost of travel exceeds the amount authorized by 10% or more
  2. Approved Purchase Requisitions
    • Approved purchase requisitions totaling the amount of travel related expenses to be charged to the college must be included with your travel package.
  3. Proof of Automobile Insurance
    • All state employees who are authorized by their agency head to use their own motor vehicles in performance of their duties must carry insurance for a minimum liability of $50,000/$100,000 and $5,000 in property. *NOTE – Basic coverage does not meet the state requirements.Proof of insurance must be on file in the Administrative Services Office before mileage reimbursement can be authorized. A copy of the face sheet (declaration page) of your automobile insurance policy should be included with your travel package if you are requesting mileage reimbursement.
  4. Professional Development
    • Some bargaining units provide funds for professional development activities. Employees wishing to access these funds should contact their bargaining unit to determine their eligibility.
      • Classified employees (NP2, NP3, and A&R) – The Connecticut Comptroller’s office has a limited amount of special funds available for tuition reimbursement, retraining, and professional development. Reimbursement must be approved in advance by the agency and the Comptroller’s office. Reimbursements are subject to available funds.
      • Unclassified employees (4C’s, AFT, and AFSCME Administrators) – Union member must complete an application and submit to the local bargaining unit for approval by the due date established. Members are notified of their awards.
      • Management employees – Request funds through the President’s office.
  5. Miscellaneous Back-up Documentation
    • Additional documentation might include:
      • Conference documentation detailing beginning and end dates
      • Notes of explanation on any extraordinary circumstances
      • Air flight itinerary
      • Calculation of meal reimbursement request
      • Any other pertinent information relating to the travel

Please remember the following when submitting your Employee Reimbursement forms:

  • Forms can be found on the TRCC Intranet
  • Reimbursements will not be processed without funding information. Please indicate the funding source (Fund and Organization codes are required).
  • Include ALL original receipts
  • If you are claiming mileage reimbursement, we must have a copy of your current automobile insurance declaration page on file indicating that you have at least the State mandated minimum coverage.
  • If your travel occurs on a normal work day, be sure to deduct miles for your normal commute. For example, you travel from your home in Waterford to a business meeting in Middletown and return back to work on the same day:
    • Normal one-way commute Waterford (home) to Norwich (work) = 15 miles
    • Waterford (home) to Middletown (meeting) and return to Norwich (work) = 38 miles
    • Mileage reimbursement request = 38 miles – 15 miles (normal commute) = 23 miles
  • Submit travel reimbursement no later than 30 days after your trip
  • Weekly or daily trips should be submitted MONTHLY as reimbursement rates and your auto insurance information may change
  • Be sure to obtain ALL required signatures on the Employee Reimbursement form
  • Submit completed forms to the Administrative Services Office C-241

Travel Cost Guidelines

Meal Allowance

Reimbursement for the cost of meals is based on the applicable per diem rates established by current Collective Bargaining Contract. Please contact the Administrative Services Office for current rates for meal reimbursement.

Cannot claim conference/meeting provided meals.

Sales Tax

Sales tax estimates for lodging should be included as a separate line item on the TA. Contact the hotel to determine the actual rate.


Gratuities are allowable at up to 15% of the total daily cost of your meals.

Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement for the use of a personal vehicle on authorized college business is based on the rate established by the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA). Each Collective Bargaining Agreement may contain additional mileage reimbursement provisions. Please contact your division secretary for the current rate.

Actual mileage incurred while traveling on college business will be reimbursed based on the terms and conditions specified in the Collective Bargaining Contracts.

A detailed daily mileage log should be attached to the Employee Reimbursement Request form. Mileage will be audited utilizing the standards set forth by the State of Connecticut, Public Utilities Commission.

Non-Allowable Costs

Non-allowable costs may include but are not limited to:

  • Non-business related expenditures
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Other Travel Considerations:

Funding Through Collective Bargaining Agreements

Special funding for tuition, retraining and travel may be available through funds established in the travel provisions of the Collective Bargaining Contracts. A special appropriation is maintained by the State Comptroller (Agency Code 9916) to provide money for classified unit members.

Cancellation of Travel

Once travel arrangements have been finalized, it is the employee’s responsibility to make every effort to carry them out. In the case of an emergency, the Administrative Services Office must be notified in writing immediately of the cancellation.


Employee Reimbursement Request (CO-17XP-PR)

Reimbursement of expenses incurred while conducting approved college business is handled through the completion of an Employee Reimbursement Request form. This form is used to report travel expenses (meals, lodging and mileage) and tuition and training costs captured through professional development and/or retraining funds. The signature of the employee requesting reimbursement and the employee’s supervisor is required.

Timely submission of the CO-17XP-PR to the Administrative Services Office is required to avoid delays in reimbursement. All employee reimbursements will be processed through the payroll system and included with the employee’s payroll check.

Federal Per Diem Rates

The federal government established a maximum per diem meal rate that applies to staff requesting reimbursement for travel expenses on form CO-17XP-PR. If the meal allowance claimed, based on the rates established in the Collective Bargaining Agreements, exceeds the total federal allowance, the difference is reflected as earned income on your biweekly payroll check. The Administrative Services Office will inform you if your reimbursement includes taxable income.