Compliance and Contract Agreements

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TRCC Pre-contract Form
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Contracting and Compliance

Revised: 11/6/14

Contract Guidelines

  • All contracts are complex and must be coordinated with Ms. Valerie Smith
  • Contracts are needed for all services with or without the purchase of a commodity
  • Contracts less than $3K require at least 15 business days to be generated.
  • Since the Attorney General’s approval is needed for all contracts equal to or greater than $3K, 28 business days is required to process a contract.
  • Services or goods and services in excess of $10K need to be formally bid. Lead times can vary, but allow 6 weeks for processing.
  • Funding source must be noted on all contracts that incur a cost to the College.

Contract Types:

There are several contract templates. Valerie Smith can assist you with all aspects of this process. Below is a list of the common types of agreements:

    1. CCC Cost or No Cost Agreement (for companies only) – For any contract with firm or corporation for cost or no cost to the College which provides services to the college or its Students (e.g., bookstore, daycare, or by which college provides non-instructional service to the community or to some external organization (e.g., rental of college facilities).
    2. CCC Revenue Agreement – For all revenue-generating Continuing Education and Business and Industry contracts whereby the college agrees to provide credit or non-credit instruction on a contract basis to a company or other external entity. Agreements over $3K require the approval of the Attorney General’s Office.
    3. CCC Personal Service Agreement (for individuals only) – For all purchases of services that entail a cost to the college, including CE/BISN departments engaging a business. PSA’s over $3K require the approval of the Attorney General’s Office.
  • CCC Clinical – NON-NURSING Standard Site Agreement Language
  • CCC Clinical – NURSING Standard Site Agreement Language
  • CCC Lease Agreements – For all external or internal lease agreements, please see Purchasing at least 2 months before lease (rental) is to begin for contract details.
  • CCC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – For all revenue or cost agreements between the college and another State of Connecticut governmental agency, including CE/BISN educational services agreements, grants from another State of Connecticut agency, or other non-grant agreements between the college/SO/system and another CT state agency.
  1. “NO-COST” or “NO-REVENUE” agreements with another state agency and all agreements between/among Community Colleges do not require an MOU.
  2. CT STATE GRANTS (STATE) – Utilize CCC MOU wherever possible, however for other CT State agencies which have their own standard grant format, ensure that comparable language covers all components of CCC MOU.
  • Federal Grants or Contracts (FED) – For all agreements between the college and a Federal Government Agency, the college may utilize any of the above forms of agreement, depending on the nature of the contract, or may utilize whatever form of agreement is specified or required by the Federal agency.
  • Grant Agreement (GRNT) – For all grant agreements excluding those with Federal government or Connecticut State government agencies, (i.e., including private individuals, businesses, municipalities, other state governments, foundations, etc.) the College must attempt to utilize the CCC GRANT AGREEMENT template form which includes all State of Connecticut minimum contracting language, or if grantor requires its own form, must attempt to incorporate the minimum contracting language or other similar language that is not inconsistent with the minimum contracting language. GRANTS WHICH DO NOT COMPLY WITH STATE OF CT REQUIREMENTS MAY REQUIRE NEGOTIATION BETWEEN THE AG’S OFFICE AND GRANTOR – early notification and discussion of issues with grantor and AG is encouraged.