Joseph Anderson, Jr.

Dean Emeritus of Administrative Services

B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy; M.S., U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

Dates of Service at the College:
December 1987 to June 2010

Positions Held:
Dean of Administrative Services, Mohegan Community College (1987-1992); Dean of Administration, Three Rivers Community – Technical College (1992-2010)

When I retired from the Coast Guard in 1987 after 30 years of service, I took the position at Mohegan Community College with the expectation that it would be much less demanding and bureaucratic, and surely more relaxing and easy to manage than my many past assignments. I expected to be able to spend a couple of years organizing and automating my new office and then enjoy a simple, routine 9 to 5 work life for the next eight to ten years until I was ready to retire again. But … happily, nothing like this ever happened. From the very beginning, the position was just as exciting, challenging and rewarding as any I had ever held. Moreover, with the constantly changing face of State politics nothing was ever completely automated or organized … there was always something new to do. Even after being there almost 23 years, I left with a lot of unfinished projects on my list.

During my time at the College it was a real honor and privilege to be associated with so many talented and dedicated individuals who work so hard to provide and support the quality education programs we offer here. I will treasure the collective experiences and friendships we have shared over the years, particularly the almost Socratic discussions that seem to spontaneously occur at the most unusual times and places. I also take great pride in the wonderful work we have accomplished in creating our new College … not simply the design and construction of new facilities, but more importantly the dreaming, determination, tenacity, patience and tolerance that enabled us to complete this 18 year adventure. Thanks to everyone for sharing this journey with me.