John Peter Basinger

Professor Emeritus

B.S., Bluffton College; M.A., M.A.T., Wesleyan University

Dates of Service at the College:


Positions Held:

Associate Professor of Humanities

“It was late July ’72. The phone rang. Fran Brennan, secretary to Dean Pepin asked if I’d like to interview for the new Speech and Theater position at Mohegan. I thought for a second about my current job, driving a school bus, put on a jacket and tie and drove to Norwich. The Dean and Ellen Strenski welcomed me to Laurel Hill and soon passed me on to President Bob Rue, who no doubt with fingers crossed and after proudly telling me that MCC was just moving into its new quarters at the former Notre Dame HS, invited me to join the “Can Do” college as a Lecturer 1. (@ $9K per annum). And so began the job of a lifetime. The CC system in America is the product of our genius to make democracy work. Here the doors are open to all (even me!) and all elevators go up! So now, with a nod to Joe Anderson, here we fossils are in our last, best home—Booker DeVaughn’s dream and President Jones’ reality. And as you stop for a moment and read this, you should know that just like the thousands before you, we are proud and happy that you are here, too.”