James A. Coleman

Professor Emeritus

Ph.B., M.A., University of Detroit

Dates of Service at the College:
1973 (MOCC) to 1999 (TRCC)

Positions Held:
Professor; Coordinator of Humanities Programs; Humanities Department Chair

Faculty Disciplines:
English – Creative Writing, American Literature, Specialized in College Composition

“Under Robert Rue, the College experimented with democratic process, including a unicameral all-college senate, a no “F” grading policy, and an open curriculum. It was a grand period of experiment.

The positive attitude towards students and the provision of room for them to grow survive as characteristics of the college to the present.

My colleagues were outstanding – argumentative, informed, and capable of challenging students intellectually, thus opening the world of higher education to them. The students joyfully embraced this opportunity. Who could wish for more?”