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Financial Aid at Three Rivers

Three Rivers is one of the best academic values in Connecticut, delivering quality higher education without the higher cost, so you can graduate debt-free or with very low loans to repay. We participate in federal, state, and private programs that offer grants, low interest loans, scholarships and other awards including paid work (student work-study) to eligible students.

Everything you need to know about financial aid is located under the "Resources" panel to the right. For example, complete information on the types of financial aid available is listed on the panel under "Types of Financial Aid."

If you apply, Three Rivers will very likely be able to assist you with your college expenses. Do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions. We realize that, especially for the new student, the financial aid process can be complicated and even intimidating. We’re here to make that process a smooth one.

To apply for financial aid, you must be admitted to a degree program, and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The FAFSA form priority deadlines are:

  • May 1 for students enrolling in September (fall semester)

  • November 1 for students enrolling in January (spring semester

Applications are accepted throughout the academic year since financial aid is awarded to students until funds are depleted. You must reapply each academic year for financial aid.
Information provided to the Financial Aid Office is treated confidentially and used only to determine need and award of aid. Through our Financial Aid Office, we can help you take advantage of financial aid opportunities. Call, email, or visit to meet with a representative.

There are seven steps in the Financial Aid process. Please CLICK on the below links to traverse these various steps to understand and complete your Financial Aid Processing.

STEP 1 -> STEP 2 -> STEP 3 -> STEP 4 -> STEP 5 -> STEP 6 -> STEP 7


Tuition and Fees

Tuition charges are based on the number of credits and the student’s residency status at the time of registration. Students who register for more than 17 credits in any semester will be charged an additional flat amount of $100 tuition.  (This tuition is subject to refunding rules.) Students registering for On-Line (distance learning) courses will be charged tuition and fees based on their residency.

The College reserves the right to change any of the charges at the College’s discretion, without prior notice.

Tuition is payable by the payment date deadline specified by the College each semester. All registrations between the announced deadline and the first day of classes shall be accompanied by full payment of all applicable tuition and fees unless an installment payment plan option or other deferred payment arrangement option has been approved by the College.

Questions about tuition, fees, and policies should be directed to the Cashier’s Office, 860-215-9026 or 860-215-9217.


Tuition and Fees Schedule

To be entitled to the in-state tuition rates established for Connecticut residents, a student must be a Connecticut resident for a minimum of 12 months, with the exception of active duty military personnel and their families and those who meet the New England Board of Higher Education (RSP/NEBHE) guidelines. International students issued an I-20 and those on temporary work visas are not entitled to the in-state tuition rates for Connecticut residents.

NEBHE charges refer to out-of state students admitted under the New England Regional Student Program sponsored by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE).  For more information about NEBHE click here///link to Admissions page///

Click the sidebar for the Tuition and Fees Schedule.


Instructions for Obtaining the FAFSA

Click on the icon below to view the U.S. Department of Education's FAFSA page, and follow the directions contained on the page.

The FAFSA enables the student to apply for all sources of financial assistance awarded by the College as well as the Federal Pell Grant. Upon completion of the application procedures outlined above, the applicant will have applied for all sources of aid available through the Financial Aid Office. The FAFSA is also available at the Financial Aid Office, or by mail by calling 860-215-9040.