TASC Mission

Prior to the spring 2009 semester, TASC had no coherent mission statement. A mission statement is the starting point for the development of any program goals. Based upon a review of the mission of Three Rivers and review of our services, we developed a new mission statement during our 2010-2011 Program Review. What makes TASC unique at Three Rivers is that we are a team of representatives from across the academic and geographic community. This mission reflects upon this strength as well as outlining the purpose of our existence.

TASC Mission Statement

The Tutoring and Academic Success Centers at Three Rivers Community College is a collaborative team of faculty, staff, students, and community volunteers. We provide a learner-centered environment that facilitates improved performance and persistence for all students.
In accomplishing our mission, we:

  • offer responsive, accessible, and supportive tutoring for all levels of learners
  • sponsor many types of academic support including one-on-one, group, and in-class tutoring; presentations; and skill-building workshops
  • support faculty by providing additional resources in and out of the classroom
  • help students learn how to learn

TRCC Mission

The TASC Mission Statement was designed to align with the college’s mission. The TRCC Mission Statement follows:

Three Rivers is an accessible, affordable, and culturally diverse community college that meets varied educational needs by creating an environment that stimulates learning.

To accomplish its mission, Three Rivers Community College:

  • Offers post-secondary educational opportunities;
  • Encourages life long learning;
  • Provides a well-rounded and rewarding educational experience with an emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, and the College’s institutional values;
  • Fosters an appreciation of the natural and social sciences, humanities, technology and the arts;
  • Helps students achieve their goals;
  • Serves as a community resource for people and institutions within its service area;
  • Delivers its services efficiently and measurably; and
  • Contributes to economic development of this region and the state.