TASC Online Academic Resources - Business

  • Biz/ed – Biz/ed is a unique business and economics service for students, teachers and lecturers.
  • Business Web from Louisiana State University.   Good economics and accounting information.
  • American Accounting Association – This is the homepage of the American Accounting Association, a professional organization dedicated to accounting education, research and practice.
  • Jobs in Accounting – This site, maintained by the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University, offers a well-organized list of resources about the accounting profession.
  • Electronic Accountant – Faulkner and Gray’s Electronic Accountant describes itself as “the accountant’s web magazine and resource guide.” It is a well-constructed site that is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive news coverage of the accounting world and an excellent list of links
  • CCP – Economics Modules – From Duke U.   Online tutorials on econ formulas and math
  • Cyberlaw Encyclopedia – This reference source for computer and information technology law is divided into a multitude of categories
  • Dismal Scientist – This site is an excellent resource for economic information and analysis
  • Business Week Online – The online version of this popular business weekly offers access to plenty of resources
  • Management Web Resources Database – This portal site provides a list of business and management Web resources, both academic and commercial
  • American Marketing Association – This professional society’s Web site has all sorts of marketing information

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