Nursing 108 Information Literacy

Donald R. Welter Library

Information Literacy Program

Nursing 108

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is a set of abilities that empower individuals to understand how the information is organized, to locate, retrieve, evaluate, and use information effectively.

Nursing 108 Information Literacy Activities

  1. Library Tour of the Physical Collection
    1. Library of Congress Classification System: class R
    2. Reference nursing and medical materials
    3. Nursing and medical sections in the book stacks
    4. Print nursing and medical periodicals
    5. Online nursing and medical periodical databases
    6. Citing sources in APA citation style format
  2. Library Tour of the Online Collection
    1. CINAHL (content, sections, basic search techniques)
    2. PsycINFO (content, sections, basic search techniques)
    3. Health and Wellness Resource Center (content, sections, basic search techniques)