Nursing 101 Information Competencies

Donald R. Welter Library

Information Competencies

Nursing 101

What are the benefits of being information competent?

Information competency allows individuals to make informed, intelligent decisions in academic, professional, and personal life.

Nursing 101 Information Competencies

At the end of Nursing 101 course students will:

  1. Discuss the organization and function of the main areas of the physical and electronic library
  2. Use library services as reference, instruction, and interlibrary loan effectively
  3. Locate nursing and medical materials in the R class of the Library of Congress Classification System
  4. State the information need related to a class assignment or research project
  5. Investigate a research subject by identifying keywords, concepts, and key phrases
  6. Identify appropriate local and remote resources for retrieving, manipulating, and transferring information
  7. Construct an effective search strategy by using subject, author, title, and keyword search modes
  8. Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources and use them properly
  9. Define intellectual property and academic honesty and use information responsibly