Biennial Review Self-Assessment

Complete a self-assessment for each distance learning course you teach. You may find that opening your course in a different tab helpful so that you can answer the form items. Biennial Review Self-Assessments are due by the last day of classes if you would like them included with the Educational Technology Task Force review.

Online Course Design - Biennial Review Self-Assessment

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • A. Communication

    (Updates provided for the start of course and at key points of the course; provided to all students)
    (Instructor credential and professional background information with supporting photo, audio, or video information; personal information can be provided if instructor chooses; usually in announcement or first discussion)
    (Weekly or other periodic account of course activities required of the students)
    (PDF document meeting the Academic Division's requirements for content)
    (Students and instructor have at least one discussion in which they describe their backgrounds and interests)
    Email, messages, expectations of instructor-student communication, etc.)
    (Blackboard, IT, Distance Learning, Publisher's website, etc.)
    (Graded assignments or assessments as shown in the Learning Management Systems , LMS)
    (Preferably available as a separate item from the syllabus; preferably divided into each week, unit, module, etc.)
  • B. Navigation

    (readability and easy navigation, colors)
    (course should not be exclusively text based; usage of the tools to enhance the communication of the course's content)
    (3-Click rule)
    (all internal and external links should work at the time of review)
  • C. Content

    (for each module, unit,chapter, etc.)
    (students should interact with each of the following: the course content, each other, the instructor in an amounts appropriate for the discipline but other then zero interaction)
    (Discussion threads should be used as learning tools that encourage applications, analysis, synthesis, or evaluation of the course concepts)
    (designed and conduct of the course reflect cognitive presence, social presence, and teaching presence)
    (learning styles, activities correspond to course outcomes, etc. )
    (assignment, quizzes, exams,papers,tests,etc.)
    (instructions for assignments are available with each assignment)
    (regular assessment of students learning is distributed throughout the course)
  • I have completed the self- assessment of this course. I believe my course demonstrates best practices in distance learning.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY