Linda Waitkus

Professor Emeritus

A.S., Manchester Community College

B.G.S., Eastern Connecticut State University

Dates of Service at the College:

Positions Held:
Executive Assistant to the President


“During my 22 year tenure at Three Rivers Community College, I had the honor and privilege of working for three Presidents, each unique in their own way. Even though my title was Executive Assistant to the President, I viewed myself as working for everyone at the College and I hope that I will be remembered that way. I loved the interaction with each group of constituents from students to faculty to legislators, to name a few. I ‘grew up’ at the College meaning that as it grew, so did I by knowing everybody (mostly) within its walls. Having worked at four different state agencies as well as in the private sector, I often told staff that they were very fortunate to be working here. Over the years, my work life became so enriched; I will always cherish the family atmosphere so prevalent here. Three Rivers was not just a place to work, it was a way of life an d I am grateful to have been a part of that.”