James L. Wright

Professor Emeritus

B.A., Southwest Texas State University; M.A., University of Connecticut

Dates of Service at the College:
August 1972 to August 2002

Positions Held:
Professor of Anthropology

“It was at Three Rivers College that I met colleagues with great talent and dedication to public service and social justice. Here I was able to teach workshops and courses to locals in family service, welfare offices, prisons, and head-start programs. I was able to take my students to Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico on travel study experiences. And in my classes the years were filled with sharing the experience of self discovery from young people searching to define what sort of life they might live; to adult men and women whose previous experience had denied them the opportunity to show their true potential; to Navy veterans who knew much more about places in the world than I; to senior citizens whose life experiences and personal reflections enriched my classes enormously. For me, being here was much more than a “job.” The richness of my experience at Three Rivers College was personally expansive and profoundly meaningful.”