Achieving the Dream

Equity-Focused Student Success

Three Rivers Community College has embarked on an equity-focused student success initiative. The objective is to examine and plan to remove barriers to student success for historically underrepresented students including but are not limited to: first-generation, low-income, students of color; adult students; marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex students; students with second-language backgrounds; undocumented students; veterans; students with disabilities; students with dependents; foster care youth; and formerly and currently incarcerated students. Consistent with the values in our mission, we will strive for equitable teaching and learning and “access for all regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, orientation, or disability; civic engagement within and outside the college; academic, social and technical resources for citizens within our service area.”

Core Team
Mary Ellen Jukoski, President
Robert Farinelli, Dean of Academics and Student Services
Todd Barry, Assistant Professor of English, co-chair
Jodi Calvert, Director of Student Services, co-chair
Jennifer Nally, Professor of Early Childhood Education, Social Science, Teaching and Learning Team chair
Kem Barfield, Associate Dean of Academics, Data Team Chair
Kathryn Gaffney, Director of Marketing
April Hodson, Director of Planning

Data Team
Elizabeth Allen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Patrick Burton, Computer Science/Technologies Faculty
Rachel Smith, Nursing and Allied Health Faculty
William O’Hare, Professor of Anthropology
Kacey McCarthy-Zaremba, Assistant to the Academic Dean
Patrick Keller, Director of Institutional Research
Kevin Kelly, Registrar
Kem Barfield, Associate Dean of Academics, chair