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Tutor Test

DIRECTIONS: The following test will be used to evaluate how well you understood the tutor training website. Select one answer only for each of the following questions:

1. You should try to sit side-by-side with your tutee.

2. With a new tutee, you should tell the tutee a little about yourself.

3. Which of these items should a tutee bring to a tutoring session?
Class notes
Past tests
All of the above

4. You should always let your tutee know how much time you have remaining before you are off duty.

5. Near the end of a session, you should...
Remind the tutee of the time.
Ask the tutee to summarize what was done.
Ask if the tutee would like to schedule another appointment.
All of the above

6. You are the only resource available to your tutee.

7. You should ask open-ended questions.

8. Which of the following is NOT an example of an open-ended question?
How would you define that?
What are the steps needed to resolve this problem?
What is the author trying to convey?
Do you understand?

9. Your tutee should ALWAYS feel comfortable.

10. Drawing diagrams is very efficient for which type of learning style?
Visual and Tactile
Polar Aesthetic

11. Good tutors ALWAYS have tutees waiting in line when they come on duty.

12. The way a person prefers to learn is called his/her...
Study Strategy
Tutoring Technique
Learning Style
None of the above

13. You should suggest making and using flash cards to students with these learning styles.
Auditory and Tactile
Tactile and Visual
Visual and Auditory
None of the above

14. Taking notes in class does all of the following except...
Helps the student to pay attention.
Requires organization.
Automatically gets you an 'A'.
Develops active listening skills.

15. Mnemonic devices are...
Rhymes or formulas used to aid memory.
Reading passages needed to be successful.
Musical scales.
None of the above.

16. Regardless of differences, your tutee deserves respect and professionalism at all times.

17. We expect you to know the answer to every question a tutee might pose.

18. When is it acceptable to agree with a student that is complaining about their instructor?
When you’ve heard other students complaining about the same instructor
When you’ve had that same instructor and had problems with them

19. You should read all unread entries in the communications log…
Once per semester
Once per month
Once per week
Every day that you work

20. It is ____________ to release a student’s information to any outside parties, including the student’s family.
Perfectly acceptable
Expected of you



Please indicate in the box below your goals or expectations from being a TASC tutor. What do your expect the experience will be like?



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