Learning Resources

TASC Staff

The staff at TASC consists of administrators, faculty volunteers, professional tutors, peer tutors, and receptionists. The staff for the 2015 Fall Semester are listed below.


The administrative staff of TASC oversee the operations of TASC and often tutor or offer expert content advice in their field of study to tutors.

  • Jodi Calvert, Director of Learning Initiatives
  • Jon Brammer, Writing Center Coordinator: Writing for all disciplines
  • Matt Burbine, Tutoring Center Academic Associate: Mathematics
  • Brian Kennedy, Math Resource Center Coordinator: Mathematics


Faculty Volunteers

Faculty members often volunteer their time to tutor students outside of their normal office hours and commitments to their own students.

  • Michael Carta, Instructor of Chemistry: Chemistry
  • Kent Harding, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology: Accounting, Business, Elec. Engr. Tech., Mathematics
  • Brian Kennedy, Associate Professor of Mathematics: Mathematics
  • Philip Mayer, Asst. Professor of Economics: Economics, American Gov't, Mathematics


Professional Tutors

Professional tutors have already earned their degree (most at the bachelor's level) and are highly qualified in the areas they tutor.

  • Evelyn Gallegos: Math
  • Lauren Harrelson: All Writing
  • Andrew Kaiser: Math, Physics
  • Colleen Ladyga: All Writing
  • Amy McShane: All Math
  • Michelle Mencer: Math, Biology, Chemistry
  • Mark Mogayzel: All Math, Physics
  • Stephanie Peel: Math
  • Kerrylee Pelkey: All Writing
  • Donald Richmond: All Writing
  • B. Todd Shirley: Math


Peer Tutors

The peer tutors are students who have taken the classes they tutor and were highly successful in them. Most peer tutors are able to tutor in multiple subject areas and writing tutors tutor writing across all disciplines.

  • Cora Abbiati: Math, Biology, Chinese, Computers
  • Faith Allaire: Writing
  • Amanda Baule: Math, Communications
  • Teresa Bennett: Writing
  • Arrianna Boyden: Math
  • Howard Craig: Chemistry, Math, Physics
  • Kristina Gates: Math
  • Batyr Hemrayev: Math
  • Dan Huang: Biology, Chemistry
  • Erin LeCain: Writing
  • Gabriel Lozada: Math
  • Will Macnamara: CAD
  • Hannah Smith: ASL
  • David Tarrant: CAD, Computers
  • James Vasquez: Math, Spanish
  • Kathryn Warrender: Writing



The receptionists manage the busy reception desk, fielding questions (not always about tutoring), making appointments, maintaining the schedule, and referring students. While the tutors routinely complete close to 4000 appointments per semester, the receptionists often schedule in excess of 5000 appointments per semester.
  • Raven Dillon
  • Shawn Kutschker
  • Jon Mencer
  • Ayodeji Ogunbowale