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Department Chair: James Copeland 860-215-9416  Email

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James Copeland

William Dopirak

Robert Niedbala

Leslie Samuelson


Michael Carta, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. B.A., M.S., University of Dayton
Office: C-168 Phone: 860-215-9413 Email:

James Copeland, Department Chair & Professor of Natural Sciences. B.S., M.S., Tennessee State University.
Office: D-209 Phone: 860-215-9416 Email:

William Dopirak, Professor of Natural Sciences. A.S., Mohegan Community College; B.S., Eastern Connecticut State University; M.A. Central Connecticut State University.
Office: C-130 Phone: 860-215-9424 Email:

Diba Khan-Bureau, Professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering Technology; A.S., Thames Valley State Technical College, B.S., University of Connecticut; M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic University; PhD. Candidate, University of Connecticut
Office: C-264 Phone: 860-215-9443 Email:

Ann McNamara, Professor of Science, B.S., M.S., University of Connecticut; Registered Dietician
Office: C-266 Phone: 860-215-9454 Email:

Robert Niedbala, Professor of Physics and Mathematics. B.S. Lowell Technological Institute; M.S. Trinity College.
Office: C-224 Phone: 860-215-9458 Email:

D. David "Don" Pascal, Full-time Lecturer of Chemistry. M.A., Indiana State University; Ph.D., Ecology and Systematics.
Office: E-205 Phone: 860-215-9461 Email:

Nicola Ricker, Full-Time Instructor of Science. B.S., University of Connecticut; M.S. University of New Haven.
Office: C270 Phone: 860-215-9474 Email:

Leslie Samuelson, Professor of Biology and Environmental Sciences. B.A., University of California at San Diego; M.S., San Diego State University.
Office: C-238 Phone: 860-215-9467 Email:

Sarah Selke, Associate Professor of Biology. B.S., Bates College, Ph.D., University of Florida.
Office: C-214 Phone: 860-215-9470 Email:

Heidi Zenie, Acting Health and Wellness Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Health and Leisure Management. A.S. Mitchell College; B.S., Northeastern University; M.S., West Virginia University.
Office: C-102 Phone: 860-215-9485 Email:

Jessica McGuire, Laboratory Manager. A.S. Three Rivers Commmunity College
Office: A-213 Phone: 860-215-9272 Email: