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  • Academic Leadership
  • Academic Division Office - C-213
  • Adjunct Faculty Offices - D-205E
    • The adjunct faculty office is equipped with workstations, which include computers and desks to meet with students. The space is communal, so we ask that adjunct faculty share the space and do not leave personal belongings in drawers or on shelves. There is also a printer available in the suite.
  • Advising & Counseling - TRCC Sharepoint - http://trsp/advising/default.aspx, You can only access this website from a school computer.
  • Calendar -
  • Class Cancellations
    • If you must cancel class due to personal reasons, please contact Tia D'Alessandro or Carole Lee to have a sign put on the classroom door. We also ask that you e-mail your students to notify them in advance. If your class is before 9 am, please notify Diane Jewett at 860-215-9254 or
  • Classrooms
    • Traditional classrooms are all equipped with teaching stations that have a computer and allow for use of a projector, PowerPoint presentations, and a document camera.
  • Department Chairs
Department Chair/Director Phone Room #
Business Arthur Braza
860-215-9409 C-114
English Marcel Burch
860-215-9410 C-256
Humanities Terrance Delaney
860-215-9422 C-118
Math Larisa Alikhanova
860-215-9401 C-104
Nursing Edith Ouellet
860-215-9460 D-111
Science James Copeland
860-215-9416 D-209B
Social Science Jennifer DeFrance
860-215-9421 C-110
Technologies Patrick Knowles
860-215-9445 C-160


  • Library - Donald R. Welter Library
    • Hours vary during the year. Check their website for the most current hours of operation.
  • Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC) - C-117, 860-215-9082
    • TASC provides individual academic assistance to TRCC students. TASC sponsors workshops on topics such as study skills, calculator use, test taking, writing skills, and basic English and mathematics skills. Skilled professional and peer tutors, as well as faculty and staff, provide free one-on-one or group tutoring to students on an appointment or walk-in basis.


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