Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Department Chair: Terrence Delaney 860-215-9422

Mission Statement: We live in a diverse and complex world that is rapidly evolving. To understand our place in it and what it means to be human, the Humanities and Social Sciences prepare and encourage us to listen to others, past and present, and to question and express ourselves thoughtfully. The academic disciplines that constitute the Humanities and Social Sciences arise from our need to create, search for life's meaning, and to understand the nature of beauty, fellowship, knowledge, reality, and imagination.

Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty

Kevin Amenta, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Communications and English. M.A., Quinnipiac University B.A., Hofstra University.
Office: C-136; Phone: 860-215-9402; Email

Maria Celesté Arrieta, Assistant Professor of Foreign Language. M.A., University of Connecticut; J.D. & B.A., University of Mórón, Argentina.
Office: C-146; Phone: 860-215-9404; Email:

Pamela Carroll, Professor of Psychology. M.Ed., Harvard University; B.A., Merrimack College.
Office: C-116; Phone 860-215-9412; Email:

Jeffrey A. Crouch, Professor of Criminal Justice. Ph.D., M.P.A., University of Idaho; B.S., Western Connecticut State University; A.A.S., Community College of the Air Force; A.S., Mohegan Community College.
Office: C-122; Phone: 860-215-9418; Email:

Terrence Delaney, Professor of History. Ph.D., M.A., Clark University; B.A., Eastern Connecticut State University; Mohegan Community College.
Office: C-118; Phone: 860-215-9422; Email:

Janet Hagen, Professor of English and Women's Studies. M.A., St. Cloud State University; B.S., Minnesota State University.
Office: C-216; Phone: 860-215-9433; Email:

Sandra Jeknavorian, Professor of Art; M.F.A., University of Massachusetts; B.F.A., University of Hartford. 
Office C- 152; Phone: 860-215-9439; Email:

Dov M. Kugelmass, Professor of Psychology. Ph.D., University of Connecticut; M.A., Southern Connecticut State University; B.A., University of Connecticut.
Office: C164; Phone: 860-215-9446; Email:

Joyce D. Martin, Professor of Human Services. Ph.D., Fordham University; M.S.W., University of Connecticut; B.A., North Carolina Central University.
Office: C-204; Phone: 860-215-9451; Email:

Philip E. Mayer, Jr., Professor of Economics and Political Science; M.L.S., Fort Hays State University; M.A., Kansas State University; B.S., Villanova University.
Office: C-208; Phone: 860-215-9453; Email:

Jennifer Nally, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education. Ed.D, Johnson and Wales University; M.A., Rhode Island College; B.S., Rhode Island College; R.I.Certified K-3.
Office: C-110; Phone: 860-215-9421; Email:

Steven Neufeld, Professor of Sociology and International Studies. Ph.D., M.A., Northwestern University; B.A., Brown University.
Office: C-142; Phone: 860-215-9457; Email:

William O'Hare, Associate Professor of Anthropology, M.A., University of Connecticut; B.A., Marist College.
Office: C-202; Phone: 860-215-9436; Email:

Peter Patsouris, Professor of International Studies. M.A. Providence College; B.A. Boston University.
Office C-108; Phone: 860-215-9462; Email:

Patricia Sauter, Professor of International Studies. Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, Johnson and Wales University; M.S., University of New Haven; B.A. Rosemont College.
Office: C-240; Phone: 860-215-9468; Email:

Sheila Skahan, Professor of Early Childhood Education. M.S., Wheelock College; B.S., Lesley University.
Office C-250; Phone: 860-215-9475; Email:

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