College Career Pathways at Three Rivers

The College Career Pathways Advantage:

  • An opportunity for Career Exploration
  • Free College Credits in High School
  • Students graduate high school with a college transcript- a plus when applying to college or a job
  • Students and parents save money on college tuition
  • College Career Pathways focuses on math, science, communications, and career related skills necessary to become prepared for continued education and the competitive job market
  • Early acceptance to Three Rivers Community College upon completion of high school College Career Pathways program
  • Preparation for highly skilled, high paying jobs
  • Why College Career Pathways?


  • College graduates earn 50% more than high school graduates
  • 80% of the jobs in the 21 century will require at least an associate degree (2 years)
  • College Career Pathways Programs Include:


  • Business Office Technology
  • Hospitality Management
  • General Engineering Technology
  • Fire Technology
  • Library Science Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Computer Science Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Accounting/Business Administration
  • Marketing/Business Administration
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Architectural Drafting Technology
  • Environmental Engineering Technology
  • Photonics Engineering Technology
  • Visual Fine Arts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I go to college for College Career Pathways courses?

    All College Career Pathways courses are taught at the student’s high school by the high school teacher, during the regular school day.

    What is the cost to the student?

    College Career Pathways is a National Program which receives a Federal Grant, so the cost to students and parents is nothing. College Career Pathways is absolutely FREE.

    Do I have to attend Three Rivers Community College to earn the credits?

    No. Upon successful completion of the program, a student may matriculate to Three Rivers Community College or request that an official transcript be sent to another college. Acceptance of the credits is determined by each institution.

    For more information contact your Guidance Counselor or Three Rivers Community College’s College Career Pathways office at (860) 215-9297.