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You are about to begin on a journey in learning and self reflection. ePortfolio is a digital tool for you to collect (works and thoughts), select (works or artifacts that represent your focus), reflect (on why they represent your focus, how you got there, what surprises in learning you are seeing) and connect (your work with previous learning and others for feedback and growth). You will use this tool over the four nursing semesters.

Most people think of an ePortfolio as a career tool. The career presentation portfolio may contain a resume and something that makes you stand out from the rest so that you will get an interview. Some have labeled it as a resume on “steroids” but it is more than that.

Another purpose is for reflective learning. The integrative student centered portfolio is an approach that students can use to connect who they are to who they are becoming in their learning and journey. Students in the CT-CCNP program at TRCC can see their growth, their achievement of core values and connection to general education outcomes....every ePortfolio will have similarities but will be unique. Students can share some work and keep other work private. Files are personal and private. Works are private to the student or ePortfolio user until they send an invitation. Not all work is sent just what the student or portfolio user chooses to send. Sharing ePortfolios with peers, faculty and mentors promotes growth through collaborative discussion and feedback.

The ePortfolio offers students:

  • A place to collect and save course work
  • A chance to showcase accomplishments
  • A tool for creating digital resumes to send to employers
  • An opportunity to use creativity in education
  • A portal that helps connect educational goals with personal experiences
  • An electronic resource can be used to apply for transfer and financial aid at a 4 year school
  • A chance to reflect on learning, to make connections between where you are and where you want to be and how you will get there

Guided Tour:

ePortfolios in Health Careers

When posting in electronic portfolios the rules of HIPAA are always used! No identifiers, such as name, gender, story, physician, APRN or other care provider, hospital or clinical agency can be used. The same rules used in caring for clients, writing assignments on paper, discussing in clinical pre and post conferences apply to electronic documents. When writing Reflective Statements using the core values HIPAA rules must also be used. Learning how to communicate while considering the privacy of others is important in all careers! Consider how you would feel if your confidential life story was posted by someone else…HIPAA in 21st century skills is always the best way to interact in our world

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Establishing an Account

Contact Lili Rafeldt or faculty point staff in each course to establish an institutional account. or (860) 383-5257

Additional instructions for establishing an ePortfolio account

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"Collect, Select, Reflect, Connect"

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