What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio has been used at Three Rivers Community College over the past six years in various disciplines and courses. An iterative process was used in English classes developing essays, Computer Application classes used ePortfolio to demonstrate technological competency. Perspective of Nursing classes used ePortfolio as a tool to communicate with the Career Counselors and Librarians, thereby developing relationships with support people early in their college career. Reflective pedagogy and ePortfolios are used across the nursing curriculum.

The ePortfolio offers students:

  • A place to collect and save course work
  • A chance to showcase accomplishments
  • A tool for creating digital resumes to send to employers
  • An opportunity to use creativity in education
  • A portal that helps connect educational goals with personal experiences
  • An electronic resource can be used to apply for transfer and financial aid at a 4 year school
  • A chance to reflect on learning, to make connections between where you are and where you want to be and how you will get there

The ePortfolio offers faculty:

  • A tool for development of habits of learning and skills of the 21st century for both students and faculty
  • A tool for reflective student centered learning
  • A tool to showcase accomplishments in the digital age
  • A portal to connect course assignments with course, program and General Education outcomes
  • A tool for department and program review
  • A tool for career certification, promotion, tenure reflection and review

"Collect, Select, Reflect, Connect"

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