Faculty & Staff Mentoring

By ourselves we can achieve many things. Together we can achieve multitudes.

Vision Statement

A voluntary relationship

It is sanctioned, supported and is in alignment with the mission and vision of Three Rivers Community College Nursing Program

That occurs between an experienced student (mentor) and one or more other students (student partner)

Does not hold a supervisory position, but one of equality

The outcome of the mentor relationship is expected to benefit all parties in the relationship

To benefit not only the involved mentor relationship, but within the community as well

By way of one-to-one, small group or by electronic telecommunication as available

Focus will be on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange, sharing of wisdom and role modeling

Mentoring is...

Mentoring is being a role model, a teacher, an advisor, and a supporter. It also encompasses brainstorming, coaching, path finding and advocating by way of a working partnership. Within these roles we can encourage growth, facilitate learning and empower others to develop their potential. Mentoring is all this and more.

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Activities & Resources

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