Programs of Study
Which Recommend or Require an Experiential Learning Experience

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Many of the programs at Three Rivers Community College recommend or require an experiential learning experience in order to fulfill program outcomes as well as provide students with a plethora of experience as they prepare for entering their field of choice. Experiential learning also allows students to explore, learning about different fields and themselves.

Below is a listing of these programs and their appropriate contacts.

Business Programs - Department Chair - Arthur Braza 860-215-9409

Accounting - Ed Muenzner 860-215-9456

Business Administration Management - Larry Flick 860-215-9426

Business Information Systems - Betti Gladue 860-215-9430

E-Commerce - Betti Gladue 860-215-9430

Finance and Banking - Ed Muenzner 860-215-9456

Hospitality Management - Casino, Hotel and Restaurant - Arthur Braza 860-215-9409

Marketing - Irene Clampet 860-215-9414

Small Business and Entrepreneurial Studies - Larry Flick 860-215-9426

Social Sciences - Department Chair: Jennifer DeFrance 860-215-9421

Criminal Justice - Jeffrey Crouch 860-215-9418

Human Services - Joyce Martin 860-215-9451

Early Childhood Education - Sheila Skahan 860-215-9475

General Studies and Liberal Arts and Sciences - Peter Patsouris 860-215-9462


Nursing/Pre Allied Health - Director Ellen Freeman 860-215-9427

Please note: The Nursing Program is a selective admission program and will include clinical experiences which fall under "experiential learning".

Engineering Technologies - Department Chair: Patrick Knowles  860-215-9445

Architectural Design Technology - Mark Comeau 860-215-9415

Civil Engineering Technology - Diba Khan Bureau 860-215-9443

Computer Science Technology -  Allan Anderson 860-215-9403
                                              George Volkov 860-215-9483

Electrical Engineering Technology - Dan Courtney 860-215-9417

Environmental Engineering Technology - Diba Khan-Bureau 860-215-9443

Fire Technology and Administration - Adam Kerop

General Engineering Technology - Patrick Knowles 860-215-9445

Laser and Fiber Optic Technology - Judy Donnelly 860-215-9423

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Patrick Knowles 860-215-9445

Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Michael Gentry 860-215-9428

Nuclear Engineering Technology - James Sherrard 860-215-9472

Teaching Assistantships

Some courses give the opportunity for students to work closely with faculty to learn more about teaching in certain subject areas. Find course descriptions here.

Humanities - see Humanities department chair Terry Delaney 860-215-9422

     ANT* K296 - Teaching Assistantship in Anthropology

     HIS* K296 - Teaching Assistantship in History

     SPA* K296 - Teaching Assistantship in Spanish

Social Sciences - see Social Sciences department chair Jennifer DeFrance 860-215-9421

     ECN* K296 - Teaching Assistantship in Economics

     POL* K289 - Teaching Assistantship in Politics

     PSY* K296 - Teaching Assistanship in Psychology

Sciences - see Science Department Chair James Copeland 860-215-9416

     BIO* K294 - Teaching Assistantship in Biology


Opportunities can also be found through our Service Learning programs.