Wastewater Advanced

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Certificate Program
Contact: Diba Khan-Bureau- 860-215-9443

Wastewater treatment plant employees are prepared for the Wastewater Operator III and Wastewater Operator IV certification examinations. All credits earned in this certificate are applicable towards the Technology Studies Associate degree.

Students may complete this certificate by completing the courses that are listed below.

English Competency Requirement met by: ______________________



Course ID Title of Course Credits
MAT* K186° Precalculus 4
Social/Behavioral Sciences
PSY* K111° General Psychology I 3
Specialized Core
__________+ Fundamentals of Electricity 4
__________+ Sanitary Engineering  
or or  
__________+ Environmental Engineering 3
or or  
__________@ Technology Elective  
__________+ Environmental Law 3
__________+ Advanced Wastewater I 3
__________+ Advanced Wastewater II 3
__________@ Directed Elective 3
__________@ Directed Elective 3

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 
+ Courses for this consortium-based program will be offered at various Connecticut Community Colleges.
@ To be chosen with the consent of a faculty advisor.
The English Competency Requirement is met by placement into ENG* K101, or transfer credit, or completion of ENG* K096.


Advanced Wastewater, Certificate
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. apply principles of wastewater treatment process by using specific examples from wastewater treatment laboratories.

  2. explain safe and effective operation of wastewater treatment facilities, including grit removal, disinfection, and chlorination.

  3. describe maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities, to including safety, housekeeping, and laboratory procedures.

  4. become certified Wastewater Class III and Class IV Operators.

  5. use computers to acquire, analyze and report data.

  6. communicate effectively in speech and writing.

  7. use mathematics to solve problems related to chemistry and wastewater treatment and to present numerical data in the form of charts and graphs.